How do you celebrate Christmas prazdnichek?

Lady: "I do not hold the post. Prazdnichek not celebrate. Go to church, but not when prazdnichek, and if the soul asks for. "
Pensioner: "The Birth of note. How? Well, we can drink tea. I go to church. I believe that whereupon my soul will be easier. "
Man: "We note. How? And so — in the heart. "
Man: "In general, never. Believe, if necessary. And so — no."
Lady: "I will pray to God. Pastsilasya. In church I’ll go. "
Lady: "I’ll go to church, and before the table is laid."
Student: "To go to visit friends. Post No, do not keep. Go to church."
Lady: "I go to church in honor prazdnichka. Usually going home at the family table on prazdnichek. "
Student: "Well, we are Orthodox. We are relaxing at home, because the output day. Since we live in a dorm, we’re going along with the guys."
Student: "I am an Orthodox. We go out and celebrate with all the people there. Congratulations each other. Later the champagne after the New Year remain, wine, vodka … Like all ".
Man: "I go to the temple. I ask God to be gracious and helped us out. My son and also my grandchildren. "
Lady: "Fasting certainly afford to keep our. Pray. New year, we met in our own church. At midnight was the service. And at Christmas go to church for the service. Later would come home, rest and will lay a ceremonial table and with his own family will meet prazdnichek. "
Lady: "I very badcelebrated on the Catholic prazdnichek. I was in the Ivie. There prazdnichek Tatars staged and it was excellent! And I have kids and spouses are Orthodox. I note and prazdnichek Catholic and Orthodox. Kutyu always do. Kids ask, "Mom, where’s kutia?". And I bake them such small canons, such fine with poppy seeds. We are from the village. So oven put barley. Later in the morning Kurkov bear clover, hay heifer and sheep. And town … Rice, raisins there, sugar … Well, that was juicy. "

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