Given the repair, recreation and combat training of the Navy need at least three or four such ships class


In the memorable years of perestroika, communicating with one of the U.S. Navy admirals, our leaders were shocked by the Soviet Navy, followed by his statement. «Is any country dares to arrest or capture even the 1st U.S. citizen, as will our aircraft carrier and all because you have to dare. And for you, even if we will give one of the aircraft carriers of «Forrestal» c air wings, it does not help, because for its development will have to pay in blood and pilots to «run» the way that we have come a long 60 years, but during this period of time we go even further. «

It turns out that the true South American taxpayer knows that no matter what happens, «His Majesty the carrier (AB)» U.S. Navy will not throw it and certainly try to save. And they pay for Russian citizens? For an unlimited number of tanks that will not go to help out as needed our businessmen and tourists in Thailand or Singapore, and for the very illusive hope that the Ministry will rescue them?

Projecting power zaneset clarity

As required can only be saved projecting force. AB and the amphibious assault ship (UDC) — specifically those ships that are capable of projecting force on obscure regions. If in the South China Sea and maneuvered Russian AB UDC with several escort ships, focusing on Vietnam with friendly naval base at Da Nang, hardly Authority of Thailand would extradite U.S. Russian businessman Viktor Bout. Most likely it would be «quiet» sent by projecting the force in Russia. So quietly that «respectable» Thailand acted and will act with South American, French and other violators of its own laws, and even with the representatives of these countries, who were caught on the drug trade, although in Thailand itself, it relies for the death penalty. But you need to be projecting the force. Thailand is not a member of NATO and all its Air Force in 2011-2012 consisted of only 45 combat-capable multirole fighter aircraft F-16A / B, apparently unable to withstand the 50 Su-33 or MiG-29K, based on the AB type «Ulyanovsk». In Asia, smart people and what they tiny «peace enforcement.» But on the Thai submarines periscopes management before, and currently directs attention obviously not. Thai Navy has a small AB and submarines in its composition are not general.

You can continue to remember the results of power projection in Yugoslavia, Libya and finally Syria. Somehow does not fit «tired» our only AB «Admiral Kuznetsov», which in the last campaign was walking with only 10 Su-33 (other aircraft may have been sent to modernization), and had to collect without help in Syria «Tsushima squadron» Ships of the North, Baltic and Black Sea fleets. What submarines will wage war antisubmarine ships included in the composition of our forces? Anguish because of this force terrorists? Defenseless air three companies of marines on our landing ships also scare nobody. But the roar of jet engines fighting the Su-33 or MiG-29K, constantly flying in the Mediterranean, could force the head to draw in many shoulders.

Incidentally, at this point it becomes a burning question: who after Syria? And many experts believe that they will be among those countries that acquire Russian weapons and in which intense seeps or already leaked Russian capital. So that our businessmen will have their taxes to fund the Navy with its first AB and UDC also strategic aircraft of. Specifically, they are capable of and in peacetime project real power actually in at least some part of the world, also to protect the Russian capital and our guests taxpayers.
Where should be based AB

Vorachivayas to future Russian aircraft carriers, we emphasize: we need a ship the size of the project with AB 11437 «Ulyanovsk» displacement of 70-80 thousand tons. These two AB builds the United Kingdom and France is going to build. Neuzh Our homeland is poorer than these countries? It must be admitted that the use of a springboard for our AB is not science-based solution, and a tribute to those leaders of the USSR, who wished for the development of fundamentally the latest techniques and technology to get the title of Hero of Socialist Labor, USSR. Specifically springboard «eaten» about 12-16 aircraft air group because of the impossibility of their placement in the bow. This year’s «Admiral Kuznetsov» going to send to the complete renovation and modernization. Maybe the new Navy command enough reason to remove the ship all the «nonsense», and increment the hangar, as it should, the air group. Well, with the power plant and the «circus springboard» something must be done. At the moment, for the sake of funding from the state order does not matter what zabugornye Aviation Company of own aircraft will do whatever it takes military. The U.S. and China have already made electric catapult Americans put on their aircraft carrier catapults and this is still work in any frost. A Russian Navy is engaged in «circus» and can raise the deck of your own AB planes with the greatest combat load. Soon we will avoid this issue in the Chinese electric catapult from their already running, even though there is on earth, but they are going to build aircraft carriers atomic displacement of 65-70 thousand tons.

We think that there is no need to stress again the importance of AB in war (from the standpoint of lovers of global nuclear war) and in peacetime. Many now clear: the main danger coming from the south of Russia. Constantly in the Mediterranean Sea to the south or to be one AB, which means that, given the repair, recreation and combat training in the fleet need to have at least three or four aircraft carriers. Fully course and how many of these AB need and where they should be based. It is not in the Far East, where up to a hectic couple of times in the south more than the north, the Baltic Sea and, of course, the Dark Sea. Certainly, a large Russian taxpayers fully course, where and how much should be their advocates, on the other, our military will again be scaring all NATO, China and Japan. Military department continue to talk about the Sino-Japanese danger in the east. But even the students understood that competition in the region for us can only be economic. A growing military confrontation here obviously does not affect Russia, since this is not it, but China is moving in the «inland sea» U.S. — Pacific Ocean and has already started to put pressure on Japan.
Staffing matters

But if more or less becomes clear why and what needed AB modern Russian Navy, worth to see the real problems of their construction and training.

Before you start to build AB need to venture on a radical reform of training for the Navy and therefore have a hundred percent or partially adopt the system that exists in the United States and other powers aircraft carrier. Naturally, this first for the training of marine pilots. Candidates must be entered in the midst of graduates not only Air Force flight schools, and ordinary naval schools and young naval officers who have served for two years on ships. It was only during the flight training will be different, but the total time, for sure, are equally, because the Air Force pilots have long «omoryachivat» to erase the mental problems of relations with the navigators.

We should also mention another nuance that usually do not advertise. The fact that the pilots are not always treated with respect to small mariners and sailors to the pilots. Perhaps specifically these two relatively unsafe alike in their military specialty.

Ranks marine pilots — the same until an insoluble problem, as well as the construction of AB. But this stupidity have, for example, the commander of the group decked multi-role fighters, solving virtually all the major tasks of the fleet, an officer in the Army rank of «Major» and the commander of the complex SAMs on AB, not acting virtually always, the rank of «Captain 3 — rank. » It is time to return the Russian naval pilots their maritime titles, restoring justice, impaired in Russian time after 1917. Earlier time in naval aviation were naval rank.

Cost of construction

Now let’s get to the economic construction neuvvyazkami AB.

What are the costs to be our new AB with ETA? Try to count them. Speculate about the contract price does not make sense (it will lay the excess profits and illegal «kickbacks»), and the real costs of our «market» economy define the method of comparison. Thus, in the United States last serial Ohio class SSBNs were worth 1.5 billion dollars, and the serial type AB «Nimitz» handed over at the time — 3.5 billion dollars. In other words, one AB at a cost equivalent to 2.34 SSBN. Price Russian SSBN Project 955 «Yuri Dolgoruky» — 23 billion rubles. If lead the design and construction of our AB similar size project 11437 («Ulyanovsk») by analogy with the United States, in other words not to load it useless things, the cost will be about 54 billion rubles, or at the rate of 2011 — about 1.8 billion dollars . Imagine that due to inflation it will grow to 2-2.1 billion dollars.

Aircraft carrier «Nimitz»

Some may disagree with this approach, because the conversion price «Admiral Gorshkov» AB in project 11430 for the Indian Navy already exceeds 1.93 billion dollars. But, 1-x is the contract value and that it is there still includes, apart from works of the ship, is unclear. In-2, at least some complete renovation to renovations always cost prices approaching new ship. Pretty to look at the work that is performed on the ship Sevmash (SMP) removed and changed to a new all old cable lines and many lines; all housing construction free of rust, partly modified and painted anew, added new housing construction; dismantled all boilers and virtually all support mechanisms they have been repaired or altered by new, and then loaded onto the ship; dismantled virtually all weapons systems and located new. In short, just put a new mechanism to build a pipeline and cable — this one work, and work to dismantle them and then re-installing and even through new technological hatches worth twice as much. Metal-cutting: preparation of his body — the most common and affordable deal at the factory in comparison with the installation and commissioning of equipment.

For information: scheduled at the end of the 70s the costs of AB «Admiral Kuznetsov» Project 11435 550-650 million rubles were in 1990 at the time of its fleet is less than 521 million and amounted to RUR.

Now about the price Air Group (AG). If no AG in the absence of AB, then it (aircraft) goes to the jurisdiction of the Air Force. And as still need to lure aircraft to act over the sea, the Government will also pay these costs, but through a different structure. So there is AB or not, have to pay for aviation.

Taking at the moment inflated contract prices (also illegal and excess profits «kickbacks») and modern zabugornyh Russian aircraft, we will not. We define the real price of naval aircraft and helicopters through their price in the USSR, because virtually all of our «new and modern» planes and helicopters were created in 70-80s, and at the moment they only ennoble. This is useful for determining the real costs of the state order.

At the beginning of 1990 approximate prices in millions of rubles were followed: Su-27K (Su-33) — 5.6, multirole fighter MiG-29K — about 5 aircraft reconnaissance and target designation Su-27KRTS — 8-10 AWACS aircraft Yak -44 — 20-23, the Ka-27 — 1-2. Price AB under construction «Ulyanovsk» 11437 project in 1990 was 800 million rubles, and its wing, composed of the above aircraft and helicopters, estimated at 382 million. A fraction of the actual price AB project will cost 11437: multi-role fighter — 0,007-0,0125, AWACS aircraft — 0,029 helicopter — 0.0025. So Makar, verily sell without taking into account the price of the new Russian Navy AB for 2.1 billion dollars worth of planes and helicopters for him in millions of dollars will be: multi-role fighter to — 26 AWACS aircraft — 60 helicopter — 5. How should if taking the maximum — 50 multi-role fighters (IIC), four AWACS aircraft and eight helicopters — for a new wing AB will cost 1.58 billion dollars. Incidentally, one of the founders of the middle 90s participated in the verification of the 1st manufacturer of devices for the new ship. When he simply found that the price was inflated devices 15-20 times, he quickly withdrew, so it does not interfere «nag» means. In the parking lot of this enterprise were the new «Mercedes» when tested various pluses wage management and workers, allowing them to get through 50-75 years.

In the U.S., the number of air groups less one than the number of aircraft carriers, but because AB and replacement aircraft in many of them. Back in the 80s Russian spices have offered ready aviagroup 1.5 per AB. This would allow for the continuous readiness of each active at a different duration AB aircraft operating on Russian AB compared with the U.S. Navy. So Makar, the real price for the combat-ready Russian air group AB will be 2.37 billion dollars in the presence of 75 IIC, 6 AWACS aircraft and 12 helicopters.

Operating costs

Now let’s define what is more expensive to operate — AB or other ships. Already cited evidence that prices on the Russian aircraft carrier is equivalent to two submarines, or 1.5 CR or six patrol ships, or 35 RCA. Since printing expressed critical comments on the immensely huge operating costs AB Project 11435 «Admiral Kuznetsov» displacement of 60 thousand tons with 52 aircraft on board, we will start with an assessment of the relative prices of exploitation.

In the world most of the costs of operation AB falls on the crew salary. Crew AB 11435 project consists of the ship crew arriving on the campaign staff of the air group, and hiking staff. Actually ship (unchanged) crew has 170 officers statewide, 1130 midshipmen and sailors, the crew AG has 350 officers flight and technical personnel, warrant officers and 310 sailors and 40 officers and warrant officers of Staff. Staff will be marching on any ship and should be excluded from the comparison, as well as the personnel of the air group, as he receives a salary band for naval aviation.

RCA 12418 Crew project, construction of which is intensive export is 5 officers and 36 warrant officers and sailors, in other words 35 of the RSA will provide 165 officers and warrant officers and 1,260 sailors. If we add to this that wages «katernikov» then multiplied by the multiplying factor, wage costs are less than the AV crew of about 20 percent. As with the new frigates for the Black Sea Fleet Project 11356.7? Clear data on the number of crews, but there are data on the Project 11356 frigates, which were taken as a mock draft 11356.7: 35 officers, 188 warrant officers and sailors. So Makar, 6 frigates will serve 210 officers and warrant officers and 1,128 sailors. Again, it appears that six frigates wages rose by 10-15 percent.

Some may ask about the cost of fuel. Well, after all, and it can be calculated. So, for 8000 miles at a speed of 18 knots AB wasting our 10,000 tons of fuel oil. But 35 RCA Project 12418 1600 miles at 14 knots spend approximately 2,500 tons of diesel fuel and 8,000 miles — 12 500 tons, and at a speed of 18 knots (as in AB) — 15 000 tons. Well as a comparison with the six Black Sea frigates? For their leaves 3,000 tonnes of diesel 2,800 miles at a speed of 18 knots. As follows for 8000 miles will be spent almost 9,000 tons of diesel fuel. Fuel oil and diesel fuel only when Russian authorities are equally cost, and at the moment? It turns out that on the main consumables in use AB cheaper by about 10-30 percent, if not more. No need for all that forget that our AB was to be with ETA and ordinary boiler and turbine was it willful decision Soviet Defense Minister Marshal Russian Union DF Ustinov. Because comparison of the costs of the combustible is purely theoretical nature.

It should also be noted that on the 1st member of the ship’s crew on the Russian AB accounts for about 46 tons displacement, and the United States AB — 32 tons per aircraft on our AB — 12-13 people flight and technical personnel, and the U.S. AB — up to 40 flight and technical personnel. This is explained by other organizational and staffing structure that on AB U.S. anticipates the large number of repair units and special workshops, resembling small repair factories, which we do not have. This leads to the fact that Russian AB can not be continuously separated from the base (less than 4 months), and the United States may AB. Carried out on the South American aircraft carrier and a large amount of maintenance and repair work on aircraft and helicopters, many of which are simply unacceptable Russian ship from the available rules. Because even with a similar number of our AG and South American AB displacement AB and our price of its construction will always be less than the South American. It happens, of course, only in this case, if it is not again «equip» it is not a characteristic massive missile weapon (RCC various SAM and the other «nonsense»), a luxurious two-level flagship team Fri (such «boardroom» to «Admiral Kuznetsov» is not actually used, but «eat» together with a cellar RCC more than 30 meters of the hangar and, as follows, 6-10 aircraft in it). In the U.S., this flagship AV command post just one tier, smaller in area and is located on the gallery deck.

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