How naive bred Wizard Tarot

Currently in Belarus other fashion — guessing the distance. All your problems can be solved by phone pryvarazhyts lover cope with neposlushlivymi child find awareness unleash financial difficulties. What services are witches, psychics, fortune currently need and how much it cost?
Belarusian media are full of advertisements like: "Leaves cute? Crumbling family? Confusion affairs? Refer to the master Tarot", "look at the future with optimism." On Belarusian television which is popular singer Ales urges: "Call Center Telecom Tarot. They really assist me." So makarom all your prepyadstviya a couple of minutes spetsy decide on the phone. Price Minutka conversation — from 2300 rubles. Learn to read the cards of the Tarot can also each — Pay 300 to 500 bucks for a course, such proposals on the web a lot.
"Our pagan ancestors belonged to divination wary"
In general, with regard to divination, folklore, Candidate of Philology Ira Kazakova told:
"Divination, in general — is a sin. Our forefathers believed which can be refer to divination only three times: the girl after 17 years, when she married, after 25 years, when not formed personal fate, and the third time — in a difficult environment in adulthood. Male generally only twice. Divination were only permitted times — the other day of Christmas, the other day Kupala Night … Even our pagan ancestors belonged to this very, very cautious … "
As practice shows, to solve the problem of the smallest, "Master Tarot" will prolong the conversation minutes to 15. So Makar, customer "divorced" at least 15 bucks. My co-worker who knows the Tarot base, now under investigation experience asked of so-called "masters", decides whether it during February prepyadstviya their money. The young man wondered as if on maps, horoscopes, asked many additional questions. 2 Minutka he did vsepolnotsennuyu interpretation huge schedules cross surrounded by 15 cards — and it basically impossible …
2nd experiment was in the "Astrapragnoze". Worked there answering machine — asked to name the date and place of birth. In this time I called to respond to a living person. After 30 seconds, the answering machine I started something portend. May continued the conversation with an answering machine 6 minutes — 15 thousand rubles.
Psychics spiryty, astronomers and astrologers — in the law

So much deception outraged many people. But on a national klyasyfikatary Republic of Belarus "Economic activity" is a separate section "activities and atrolyagav spirytav, psychics and astrologers," which means that this kind of service and advertising activities this legislation allowed.
Chairman of the organizing committee of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Aleksei Shein sent in many municipal structures appeal:
"Astrologers spiryty, psychics not only extorted from our wish and so the poor of the funds, and to mislead them through their occult practices. Our task — to reach, so the municipal klyasyfikataru this type of service was dropped and so was not allowed to advertise this kind of occult practices. This initiative was supported by the bishops of the Protestant Church, and Metropolitan Filaret during a meeting with Alexander Lukashenko. "
True healers help people selflessly

No one disputes that there are true healers, doctors, herbalists, which can help people because of their capabilities, says Candidate of Philology Ira Kazakova:
"I was faced with very many people who have a real honey, voodoo knowledge, know the different signs, beliefs. Belarus has always been on the more traditional healers rather than sorcerers. And always people here had these opportunities did so selflessly, and if these means … I can not say generally (can someone is a gift, not for us to judge), but if the gift is not a person uses a service to people, and then to earn money, never no help, no utility it will not bring . "
But so far neither the Ministry of Commerce, responsible for advertising, nor the Ministry of disk imaging, neither the Committee on Religions and Nationalities can not ban anything, says spokesman Committee Misha Rybakov:
"We have no right to suspend or to resolve this ad, but when the question rises, it must be addressed. Naturally, it must be considered to be in line with legislation. It is possible that it will take place, because previously passed through these difficulties Our homeland, Ukraine. "
By the way, in Russia and Ukraine, this kind of advertising is prohibited. Soon to happen in Belarus? Then, when the person will change the belief that his task someone for him to decide, says Ira Kazakova.
"Everyone expects a miracle — that someone will come, blow-spit in her hands Smite, and the fate of change. That’s nonsense, you need to direct people to the smart thing, for good, to believe, to the usual education, then people will not be dragged into this side. In my opinion, this is just a fashion, because it’s all for a long time it was unclear prohibited. I think it will soon pass … "

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