How to celebrate in Minsk?

Evening January 6 in the center of Minsk police detained several drunk teenagers. It was not far from of so-called "Health Center" — a skating rink on October Square. Next to the Cathedral at that time there was worship.
Policemen and soldiers of internal troops guarding public order about 25 Orthodox churches. Road police were preparing for a strong movement on the roads, but cars were almost as in ordinary day off. The policemen said that many residents of Minsk, using the weekend went to the village to stay with relatives.
Militiamen note that in the Orthodox churches during worship was substantially fewer people than in previous years. But as for churches church, then prazdnichek Christmas from 24th to 25th December people gathered even more than the last 5 years.
In the duty of the police station "Freedom" said: "Surprisingly, the day was just perfect. How to you say, why is that? Either people weary to drink, or, you know, as usually happens when a couple of weekends, the latter the most quiet, because need to work tomorrow … In the churches, even little people. Catholics all this quietly happening. Not because the Orthodox, violently. "
If police work was less than two years reverse these days are the same, the doctors had to work harder. As usual — head injuries and broken legs and hands. But doctors often had to assist intoxicated customers.
In another clinical hospital "Freedom" told "Yesterday brought the old lady with a broken head. Grandson loved her …" Bytovuha "naturally. Intoxication very many, brawlers missing. If you need transportation to the clinic, then put, if not, patsverazev — and home. Bring them inebriated. That man was frozen to a halt, people call "fast", and it is brought to the clinic. He will lie down here, patsverazee we dug his glucose vitaminchykami all. "
Year, which Belarusian authorities dubbed the year of health, for doctors began as usual. They believe that it will not be solved even if the issue of stopping the growth of the number of alcoholics among young people, health civilization is under threat.

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