How to compensate for the contributions of the Savings Bank of the USSR?

In Ukraine, citizens, to present a book BEAC USSR Savings Bank, payable in cash compensation in the amount of 1,000 hryvnia — about 200 bucks. Payment can be induced to repay debts on public fences and payments for education children.
On January 8, registered their old books BEAC 200 thousand people in Ukraine. On the return of the deposits of the Savings Bank of the USSR Ukrainian government has budgeted for 2008 20 billion hryvnia — 4 billion dollars.
Since 1991, in Ukraine, the government paid as compensation to about 6 billion hryvnia declared with 126 billion Yulia Tymoshenko promised in the election to fill one hundred percent of contributions for impaired 2 years.
Payment of deposits Savings Bank of the USSR was held in Lithuania. It was focused on 80% of the country’s income from privatization, payments were capped in 2000 dollars.
In Kazakhstan, the payment was made on the basis of bonds 100 bucks for 15 thousand Russian rubles, pensioners promised to repay bonds for 5-10 years, those who work — for 15-20 years.
In Moldova, pay compensation began in 2003, the process is designed for 15-20 years.

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