How to find out what you — travel abroad?

According to the decree, which was signed yesterday, Alexander Lukashenko, to January 1, 2008 canceled permit stamp and the Regulations on the bank of data on citizens of Belarus, whose right to leave the country temporarily restricted.
Travel ban — less than 100 thousand people

Managing the Department of Citizenship and movement Ivanchikova Lydia says that the so called the "travel ban list" — less than 100 thousand people. According to her, the procedure for informing people about what their rights to leave Belarus temporarily restricted.
"After January 1, 2008, every citizen has the right to the presence of their own passports contact our customer and get its proper help, does it exist in the database or not. This certificate is real only at the time. Later in relation to a particular person, of course, can take decision to limit out. And a body that will decide, of course, will inform the citizen "- explains Lydia Ivanchikova.
Law on State Duty is not provided for returning funds

On the return of state fee paid previously citizens for permission to leave for the next few years, one can not speak, says the head of the Department of Citizenship and movement.
"We have issued a personal statement citizen documents for temporary travel abroad. Timeout Action. And just in case, when you change the order of design documents for traveling abroad, the Law on State Duty is not provided a refund. The fact that the Ministry together with other municipal authorities are working to cancel the stamp, knew everything. Citizenship and staff departments of transportation, taking people who have always encouraged them to draw up documents for temporary trips abroad for a maximum of one year, "- says Lydia Ivanchikova.
By the way, but that read about the likely return of funds this year in June in an interview with "Freedom" first deputy Mrs. Ivanchikova Alex Runner:
"Anyone who has overpaid … If a new order, they will take some action to refund people paid in the form of state duties."
By the way, in the departments of Citizenship and movement This year put stamps permits for up to 5 years — on one base value for the year.
"Lists Travel ban" existed before the cancellation of permission stamp "

Deputy chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Harry Pahanyajla notes that "travel ban lists" existed before the cancellation of permission stamp, and it is a global practice. According to human rights, there is no violation of human rights, if only these lists do not get the person whose departure is undesirable for the Belarusian authorities for political or other reasons.
More than a month can not get permission stamp favorite Joint civilian Party Anatoly Lebedko. As explained to the policy of the prosecutor’s office, it is connected with an institution against him in 2004 a criminal case for insulting the president in an interview with the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" and a Russian journalist Nikolai Svanidze.
"Computer issued, that my name is in this list of eminent"

According to Anatoly Lebedko, it is not transferred to the tribunal and not closed. Investigators explain the fact that Russian law enforcement agencies staff hitherto not Svanidze interviewed.
"It’s been three and a half years. Whereupon I got three problems without passports. Traveled outside the borders of Belarus, and there were no problems and issues. Because I do not see here the legal logic. Apparently, there is a political component. I uttered that the computer immediately issued, that my name is in this eminent list ", — said Anatoly Lebedko.
Regulations on the bank of data on citizens of Belarus, whose right to leave the country temporarily restricted, distributed into 6 categories of people. These are people who are related to state secret until after a certain date, the suspects and defendants in criminal cases — until the end prosecution. Here and convicted — yet effective term of imprisonment, and those who shirk responsibilities imposed by the tribunal. This person who filed a lawsuit in civil court (restriction applies until the case), and those who evaded military service or service in reserve.
I recall that at the request of the former member of the House of Representatives Parfenovich Constitutional Tribunal decided to cancel the permit stamp in the passport in September 2002. It was planned that it canceled in 2006, then moved stamp cancellation period at the beginning of 2008.

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