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How to evaluate changes consumers — buyers Minsk shopping centers?
The shopping center "Impulse" about Komarovka closed about the fifth part of trade stalls. Because those that are working, more people than usual. Young lady Natalia anew masters profession traders. On January 1, she fired 2-own employees, so as not to break the law. Trades itself because relatives can not hire:
"They just become unemployed. But I worked for myself. Very uncomfortable it all. Same again, even leave you anywhere especially not you. What mother pensioner instead I will put myself here? She learns nothing. "
SP least — less consumer choice
For consumers, the changes are also tangible. Young woman near a mall "Expobel" disappointed attempt shopping day in the output:
Woman: "On" Expobel "many now do not work."
Reporter "What about, some boxes?"
Woman: "Well, about half of it …"
Reporter "But you managed to acquire what that want?"
Woman: "You know, the selection is much smaller …"
In addition to selecting, innovations can badly affect the quality of the products produced individual entrepreneurs, and not just sell my other companion said:
Young Man: "Before he could hire a number of employees it needs. Now he has, for example, has a brother, sister, mother Incline age … And he can go only from these resources, and before even solve all their problems. This can not but affect the quality of the products it produces. I think it’s a big disadvantage. "
In the tax uttered: nothing decent SP does not expect …

The shopping center "Neighbours" closed about 10 boxes. Among those who work most of the — private entrepreneurs. Merchant lingerie as well as others, is obliged to dismiss his own subordinates, with whom relations were not similar. She tongued commented saying: "What’s in the forehead, that on his forehead."
"It was familiar to the tax, so there is requested: say, tell me what will happen to us next? She uttered: anything decent. Peraregistruytsesya in PUE until March, because in March just equalize taxes and SP PUE — that’s all … "
"The reason is not only to protest only in SP …"
Commenting during detention protests business minister Interior Naumov identified: in the midst of 27 detainees — personal business only two. According to the views of my companion in "Impulse", to protest against the Decree number 760 there is a reason almost everyone:
"This individual entrepreneurs, it and those who fired SP, so as not to break the law, it’s you and me — consumers. Since transferred to private unitary enterprises, traders have to pay huge taxes significantly. And that means — another increase in prices. "

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