How was your first day without benefits?

Minsk metro December 17 worked under heavy guard: subway entrance guarded by several controllers on duty under the supervision of the police. How was your day — I ask one of the supervisors of the Faith VO:
"In 1-x, people needed explain. Students, for example, did not know how to use CAT-transitions. To some surprises, it was not. But reviled president. Older people. "
The bus number 100, which is walking along the main avenue of the capital, so referred "Rush hour" was practically deserted. Hope Furs conductor says that this unusual phenomenon, but it did not explained to. Ask simply whether to charge passengers fare:
"It is hard. Everyone has their own prepyadstviya: end of the month, who really means no. And of kids wish to charge 600 rubles. Goes child is in first class, then another time, and not pay attention. Suppose will pass — we are human beings too" .
Pharmacist pharmacy Minsk Alla Veratsennikava says that first day on the abolition of privileges without incident:
"You know, I have now had a discounted prescription. And since these benefits are gone, then the lady went and bought medicine for the full price. Even I was surprised. I do not know whether elderly people receive medication in the future. This is, for sure, will

Of the kids wish to charge 600 rubles. Let will pass — we are human beings too. "

is dependent on the severity of the disease and the duration of healing. "
What they say about innovations themselves former benefit recipients — I ask the 1st of them, named Peter Ivanovich:
"I’m retired, had travel benefits. Already acquired ticket for 600 rubles. 300 and 600 — the difference, and it will be reflected in the diet.’ll Have to take something else there."
According to official statistics, up to December 17 in Belarus, there were approximately 7 million beneficiaries. This required revision, but ultimately would be possible so that benefits will lose just those who really need them, says economist Mike Zaleski:
"Gone lechkomissiya? No. spetsrazmerkavanne were missing in the broadest sense? No. Here is the whole of last" party "spetsdostup these phony elite — all that remained. And viewpoint public — there are people who need help: unhealthy, disabled so on. Global bank planned, so it was. And, allegedly, our government agreed to it. But that is — that is another question. "
December 17 in Belarus began to operate the law "On the municipal social benefits." According to this document, eliminating exemptions for certain categories of people in the country, in including kids, the elderly, people with disabilities. Now must to pay the full price of travel in public transport, purchase of pharmaceuticals and utilities.

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