I wish that Metropolitan Patriarchate joined all

On this question meet people on Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street in Minsk.
Lady: "Catholics and Orthodox have to live together, and also notes immediately. I think so, what you need approach to this research. Research is needed. Certainly necessary that the facts were. Come and say that when he was born, then all came out … Count all These days are. All conditions, not because of disputes must . "
Lady: "I wish that Metropolitan Patriarchate joined all. God is one, and we are well need to be together. "
Student: "Naturally, you need to celebrate the 25th. Whole world notes that in one day, and it is necessary to us to be with all. "
Man: "It should be coupled. All Christians should celebrate immediately. Metropolitan Patriarchate should heed led by Alexis."
Lady: "I think it must in one day. It turns out that we celebrate the New Year at first, and so far the post. It is necessary that we have been together since we were coming out, constantly violating religious canons. It turns out that the New Year is called Catholic. And then when the Orthodox? From the 13th to the 14th? Then there is neither a weekend nor prazdnichek. "
Man: "In any case, the political configuration of the revolution, a change in outlook, orientation, view on prazdnichkom — that’s all I do not like."
Lady: "December 25 need to celebrate because, incidentally, was the base of the church. Church Christ founded. And Orthodox Church separated in any year nine. "
Pensioner: "I think yes. Since we are Christians. This is really the total prazdnichek."
Man: "No, it seems, because you want to save happened. Since it will not work. Catholics do not perceive, not Orthodox zahochut. No need to let it be as it is."
Lady: "I think which can be so in one day to make, though, so it was unity with the whole Christian world. "

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