If Yarmoshina was not the elections in Georgia, I think they are illegitimate

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Georgia held a presidential election. CEC country reports that according to preliminary data won Misha Saakashvili. Students continue to open a discussion of Liberty this topic:
Man: "I always admire the Georgian people. They are from us Belarusians differ in that their national consciousness in the foreground. They civilization that first reads the native language. They rallied. Their no orphanages, as we have. Because we need to learn from them and again to learn. "
Jackiewicz Alexander: "I wish to say that if Yarmoshina was not the elections in Georgia, I think they are illegitimate."
Further asks the listener associated with the theme of the abolition of benefits:
Man: "Please answer to such a question. In the Bible, there is a saying: do not pour pearls before swine. I understand it: Pearl — it benefits, but not to spill, these benefits away. And people, it turns out — it’s the pig? Let me give the priest a clue what it is yet. "
Co-Chair is responsible organizing committee of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Alexey Shein
"The words that Jesus said, -" do not throw pearls before swine "- by my views, mean that one is above forces to convince people who are not willing to listen to these beliefs. Of course, it does not regard the situation with benefits. And if you talk about the Gospel, then, on the contrary, the New Testament is encouraging person to be free and become free. It is not power — the one who has valuable gems — lavishes benefits to the people. This perception of the Russian government, which is something, and something must give. This is a man allowed and has a claim to power. He can express these requirements and choose befitting power. "
Next another question:
Yuri, Minsk: "I have a question: when and historians invented the myth of the unified Russian people?"
Responsible historian Oleg Trusov:
"For the first time this myth of a unified Russia appeared in the 15th century. Monk invented it Filofei Pskov. And the meaning was that Moscow — the third Rome, and the fourth is not going to happen. And here’s the latest Russian formulation invented in Stalin’s time. After the war was that of Russian historian Greeks. And it was formed in the 50s in recent years Stalin’s life. "

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