Igor Zabara: Sosnowski referred to us by fleas

Karatkevich: That song "Neighbors" from the album "Krambambulya" love at Maidan during the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. What are you currently able to say about the results of the Orange Revolution?

Zabara: (in Belarusian) simple question, and I’d rather read in Ukrainian …
Karatkevich: But when we arrange for an interview, you promised to explain to our listeners why you will not read in Russian or Belarusian, and specifically in the Ukrainian language. You’re there for only three years …
Zabara: (in Russian) No, I can read in any language, but at the moment I am working in Ukraine and therefore I would be better to read Ukrainian. Excellent?
Karatkevich: Let reads.
Zabara: (in Ukrainian). The results of the Orange Revolution, in my opinion, is very complex. They are not like we were expecting. I think that people waited more accurate results. But now everything falls into place. I think that at the moment a total choice of the people itself, what people expected then. And those of my comrades and friends that live and work here, very happy with what is happening in Ukraine.
Karatkevich Igor, tell me what you took from the Belarusian culture?
Zabara Belarusian culture I distinguish from the Ukrainian culture. After all, I have Ukrainian roots, but my conscious and creative life I spent in Belarus. Because all my merits (if it can be read) are connected with Belarus. This is, first and Kupala theater troupe Kupala theater. I believe that this is the strongest and most powerful theater collective. I’m very sorry that he left Nicholas Pinigin and went to St. Petersburg …
Karatkevich Igor, but tell me, I personally have beheld in the theater "Freestyle scene" Valeria Mazynskogo. Why do not you remember this theater?
Zabara: I remember "Free the scene" when there was Mazynsky and we worked with him. After, he left (and, perhaps, "he went" — most likely, "his left"), this theater — no longer "Free Stage", so it can no longer be called, because he would not be free. You are aware of?
Karatkevich: I understand. You know, Igor, at the moment we connected in Minsk Valery Mazynsky. I think he has something to tell you.
Zabara: Oh!
Mazynsky: Good evening, dear.
Zabara: Good evening. I am very glad to hear from you.
M. I wish to congratulate you here so congratulations: "How scho come in the night and cram thick Vuiko tebe in meshok not psyhuy, just ask someone in the St. Nicholas tebe pid pillow."
Zabara: Oh, thank you, thank you. I also congratulate congratulate you, I wish you a very behold, hug and drink a glass with you.
Mazynsky: I think we will create in Kiev.
Zabara: came to me in Kiev!
Mazynsky: I’m glad you found yourself for your own home and let the free edge for you there in time.
Karatkevich: I should like to hear the outlook of my interlocutors about why professional people leave from Belarus? Valery Mazynsky as essential in this case such category as freedom?
Mazynsky: For me the most important thing. For some it is an empty sound, a shadowy network concept that can not be hand hook. Maybe it’s really true, but for me the most important thing. I think the same thing for Igor …
Zabara: About all I can not say …
Karatkevich: Tell me about yourself, because you and we are invited.
Zabara: I have been attempts to create its own theater in Belarus, but did not. There is a lot of events — and that pinched not let me work, and many of the rest was. And not only me. On this day in Ukraine has a lot of my comrades, who left Belarus.
Karatkevich Igor, you can call some names that may be known to our audience?
Zabara: Can. This, for example, Sergei Kuzin, who was on the "Alpha-radio." He then works very well on the radio. There are other, quite a lot.
Karatkevich: Not so long ago resonance received such an event. The poster Kupala theater, which has always been a hallmark of the Belarusian appeared: "Carlo Goldoni." Servant 2-masters ", translated from Russian into Belarusian Butevich Anatolia." We know that this is the last minister of culture. How, in your opinion, it characterizes the state of Kupala theater and culture of the Belarusian state if the poster write "translated from Russian"? By the age of subordination, I give the floor first to Valery Mazynskomu?
Mazynsky: first state theater must have honor and not to demonstrate Worldwide, in Belarus No Italian translator.
Zabara: It’s funny, in fact funny. And I will tell a different story. Once we came to the Minister of Culture and Sosnowski requested something for our theater, he said to us: "You are for me — lousy fleas." I was not alone and I have witnesses this …
Mazynsky Igor, and I can for you better tell that Sosnowski said, when I took off of the main directors. He said: "Well, if you do not want to obey the state, then you st …"
Zabara: Ha-ha, it is an insult … So read here. All is not as sweet as it seems.
Karatkevich Igor, you are currently shooting serials in Russian. Some of them "Angel patron." Does this case how to earn?
Zabara: Yes, lets.
Karatkevich: What, in your conception. could be addressed in a series of Belarus? That he was commercially successful
Zabara: I did not encounter, honestly, with censorship in Belarus. When we were taken to the statement of some of the play, we did not put obstacles. And what a show? Well, anything but that he was apolitical. This is the usual question. But as the show be removed if there are no funds. nor the criterion? It will be problematic.
Mazynsky: I do not know, because for me the genre of the movie — is problematic. After the show is done in order to doing something in the kitchen, could glances in the telly. For me, art is frivolous. I pretty well made and a half hour movie, which in my heart I’ll go a few weeks.
Karatkevich Igor, your beloved series?
Zabara: I this question not so long ago asked. I answered frankly. I love the two soap operas. "17 Moments of Spring" and "The venue can not be changed."
Karatkevich: In your opinion, what keeps the success of TV series — on the actors on the story for the duration?
Zabara: soap operas can not be lumped together. They are very different. Are sufficiently high, there are bad. In the work that I’m doing at the moment, I was intrigued by the cast. Bogdan Stupka — star number one. Ira Kupchenko Ruslana Pysanka … And also very good scenic stuff, like the young man from Moscow fell in love with a lady from Myrgorod. Me it is very Like …
Karatkevich: Request to both interlocutors. Wish something decent to our listeners.
Mazynsky: I would wish once more to buy such an actor as Igor Zabara and build it on the Belarusian scene.
Zabara: I do reverans towards Mazynskogo. I would have wanted to work with him, I hope he’s not descended from the theater. And listeners Belarus wish wish that they raised their heads and looked forward and upward.
Igor Zabara born July 9, 1962 in Poltava. Since childhood, fond of the theater. In Ukraine, graduated from 8th grade. Later his parents moved to Russia. Worked in theaters in Nizhny Novgorod, Tyumen and Yaroslavl. He studied at the Theatre Institute Yaroslavl. Enrolled in the Municipal Institute of Dramatic Art in Moscow, which successfully completed in 1985. In Minsk saw him Vytautas Grigolyunasa and Zabara worked with him in the mid 90’s in other theaters. After working in the "Little Theatre", performing on stage Kupala theater.

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