In beating Khvedaruk prosecutors sin does not see

As reported BelaPAN Fedoruk sent a statement to the prosecutor about beating Central district of Minsk December 13. He suffered during a clash with police participants of the unauthorized protests in defense of the sovereignty of Belarus, which took place in the evening on December 12 October Square in Minsk. The event was timed to the visit to Minsk Russian President Vladimir Putin. Doctors have recorded at Fedoruk moderate concussion.
"In the excitation criminal case in fact you have acquired injuries denied, "- said in response.
"This is an ordinary evasion. Neither background rejection nor any additional disk imaging in the letter did not contain. Exciting thing that I and some eyewitnesses have already called from the Central police station and invited" to talk. "But no theme or subject of these discussions, I do not know "- said D.Hvedaruk.
"We are with my lawyer will file another complaint. I understand that all our samples to prosecute police officers, who beat me, likely, results will not give. But I think it is necessary to make every effort in order to bring the perpetrators to justice. Maybe the terror of being lured to justice somehow affects other employees militia regiment for special purposes, "- says Fedoruk.

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