In Belarusian musicians of winter — green harvest

In This year Belarusian viewers if not the first time could choose with whom to while away the New Year’s Eve — with the "official" Russian pop on the main municipal channels (normal "set" of Darafeyavay, Smolova brothers Hlestova etc.) or not favored by the attention of public hangouts on the satellite channel "Belsat" (from peravvasoblenaga Liavon Volsky IQ to 48 "of snow alley, 8"). However, read on vsepolnotsennuyu candidacy still not necessary, because the audience "Belsat" still quite moderate. Because almost always "telemany" preference was given to the third, the tested version — Russian channel with the usual set of those pop stars.
Financial problem: free picture or corporate Exchange?

Role in any television show is important for musicians partly as a fashion sketch, which approximates the artist to the public, but in financial terms gives a very minor facilities or none at all. Because the views of producers initially focused on the so-called corporate parties, and even better, to have fun changing between hot dishes servants rich companies. Knows very popular artist Alexander Tomatoes:
"Rates — this is a commercial Enigma. Certainly, the more orders, the higher the price. This ordinary commerce — someone who would kill the price. But there is a risk that there are failures. People agree a month later, a day or four, is Information: say, excuse me, but can not financially, we recommend, etc. Here in the past year, this situation is that many companies and many clubs right before the New Year began specifically renounces the Belarusian artists.
Can someone horrified language runtime, or that people present in the so-called illegal lists. And I suffered including, was as much as failures. But at the moment there is none. Currently general tendency to simplify all these corporate events, a decrease in the budget. Pass the days when people rushed means and means they now find much better. But all the same New prazdnichkom — this season. After later directly to the beginning of March it’s just dead time, nothing happens, no concerts, all resting, away from prazdnichkom. "
However, many singers, as they say on the sidelines, in the days of the solemn wring such prices that eventually left with nothing, agreeing to act on the price tags vary Northern village residents of the capital.
This year for the first time in recent years again need disgraced team who were banned from the summer of 2004, after starring in the opposition concert. Favourite band "Palace" Oleg Khomenko not hide, after negotiations with municipal ideologues situation has changed markedly. "Palace" was even admitted to the "Eurofest" — the state qualifying round to the internationalist Vocal "Eurovision":
"We pin hopes that on January 7, at Christmas, we congratulate the central square of Mogilev. More absolutely not so long ago this was impossible, and at the moment people ended afraid to invite us. And because I think something changed in the best side — that deals specifically with musicians. We can already congratulate kids for example, we will be meeting in the church with the faithful. At such events so far we have not been invited, so no hunting, but slightly afraid. Very want to invite, so congratulate on Christmas, in a marketing campaign to participate, or to congratulate congratulate any team, but a little afraid. And now, it seems, worked the point that we are not as illegal, and such invitations became much more. "
Want to earn — the least show your political ambitions
Artistic Managing Minsk theater satire and humor "Christopher", actor Yevgeny Kryzhanovsky after the test to participate in the 2001 presidential elections a couple of years fell out of the cage artists, who are often invited to different parties. But now he is back in the list of relevant showmen and often guest on television:
"Yes, at the moment all normal, as time passed and everything just fell into place. Most important thing that I eventually realized he either vvalvatstsa there with his head in politics, and work is only in the field of policy, or Lesson own previous case. And when I was only interested in his own, creative work, those who thought that I was an enemy of the country, the enemy of the people, the enemy of the president, finally realized, no, people working again, again afloat and all obstacles were removed. And now I was invited to the ONT, well, in general, I must say there was a lot of different orders, including a lot of work on television. "
Ahead of a few days are musicians, so more time to make up your own budget at the expense of corporate parties. This Orthodox Christmas day, celebrated, perhaps, only to paslyasavetskay place — "old new year".

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