In Chavusy suing journalists Krichevskys

Editor and publisher T.Ivkina U.Kudravtsav in court

Through Tribunal editor tries to recover from the publisher and founder of the "Free Town" non-pecuniary damages in the amount of 10 million rubles. Fines means she is going to transfer to an account Belsky social rehabilitation center. Ms. Ivkina also requests a written rebuttal of the facts stated in the articles in the newspapers "Leninsky Cry" and "free city."
The reason for the trial was a series of articles "6 years in editorial Gulag", which was written in August — September 2004 to be independent newspaper "Free City". Last on the staff of "Lenin’s cry" Valery Bisov described in their ways of managing Tatiana Ivkina.
Now tribunal heard explanations of the parties and witnesses protection. The arbitrator granted the petition Polujan Olga Vladimir Kudryavtsev and Valeria Bysava admission process lawyer and a public representative.
The court confirmed Tatiana Ivkina own lawsuit. She noted that the publication Bysava caused great repercussions not only in Krychau, and in adjacent areas, and it caused her moral experience is crippled and goodwill.
Vladimir Kudryavtsev and Valery Bisov claim not recognized.

The court acts V.Bysav

Valery Bisov own publications referred to a series of story. "In it I laid out his own vision and evaluation of the atmosphere in which I worked," — he said in court. Bisov accused municipal publications editor in neprafesiyanalizme.
Public defender of the interests of defendants referred to Sergei Uneven lawsuit Tatiana Ivkina politically targeted. "Through the tribunal she wants to deal with a newspaper-rival. Ivkina not able to engage in discussions," — said in court Sergei Uneven.
"It was a trivial story about what characters reign as amended. Fact that people know, the whole Kryčaŭ. Bisov just outlined it," — said "Freedom" Sergey Uneven.
Tatiana Ivkina believes that the editorial staff "cry of the Lenin" and she personally masterful work. Says Ms. Ivkina:
"Our only local newspaper that comes out three times a week. You imagine for yourself what to reread materials journalists? I write my own material, but I do not write essays, and novels. I write correspondence, articles, informational materials plan, all it must for the newspaper. We orient to this saturation of artists on disk imaging. "
Tatiana Ivkina believes that "Free City" — not a rival "cry of Lenin", and in her case no policy.
Tomorrow referee Olga Polujan read your own sentence.

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