In Kurapaty commemorated repressed

About 20 members of the public and journalists gathered at 16 o’clock in Kurapaty to commemorate the victims of Stalinist repression. They laid flowers and lit candles near Kurapaty crosses. Similar events were held in each month Last year, Committee announced that the public memory of the Year. In This year each month the number 29 members of the public will gather again in Kurapaty. Chairman of the memorial section of the Society for Protection of Monuments of History and Culture Siuchyk said:

Vice-chairman memorial section Vladimir Romanovsky told about the plans the creation of the Institute for Public memory.
"We know that the work of the Institute will be dedicated to the memory state dilemma of culture, which is also almost killed as a historical factor. Institute for Public memory in this will be established at the level of the organizing committee. History — the backbone of culture. Setting the backbone of historical memory, and we can revive the culture, and culture — is the foundation for the value criteria of human life. So we were not only goblets and greaves, and so we had the usual human aspects of our lives. "
One of the participants, an activist Junior Front Tatiana Shaputska, said:


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