In Profound found a bomb near a department store

Slonim This time not subsiding passions around the House of Representatives election. Officially won the elections chairman of the local executive committee Mieczyslaw Kostiuk. But his opponent from the UDF Dr. Ivan Sheha believes that the results of the vote rigged. About it and he knows in "Gazeta Slonim." Reads an employee of this publication Nicholas Kononovich:

"He then states that all complaints, comments and acts that were made, the district Election Commission answered the same: no violations of election laws do not, although there wasand obvious violations.
But provides some examples. Reached that Chkalauski polling station have voted for it, according to official figures, only 3% — or 21 people with 600 sixtieth Although there was conducted a survey and found that such people was even more. Here the authorities simply overdone in numbers. Well, but yet all recognized as legitimate. "
Newspaper "Bobruisk courier" learns the fate of one built in the center of town, the employee is responsible for the publication Victor Kachan:
"We used to have on the streets of Minsk was a city diner. 4 And now, she is in a dilapidated condition. Here — brick, broken glass debris. And just kids playing. Inhabitants of adjacent houses worried: they looked everywhere.
We learned that in place of the former dining room four-storey complex will be: cooking, bowling, hotel. And we do the following conclusions from this — such institutions are needed. But it is a pity that in modern conditions to land in the center of town for a playground — it is a luxury. "
A newspaper "Free Deep" reported that in the heart of town, near the department found the bomb. Excavator digging a trench and hit as initially thought, iron pipe. Litsezrev but it was a bomb from the time of the second World War I, called sappers.

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