In the basement there is a lot of vodka utapivshyhsya

"Free Belarus" on this week 1917 notes: "Neither gledyuchy siege in Petragradi walks green serpent. Rob vodka and wine and in the streets … strelyayuts eats many dead and the wounded. Baronyuchy only one brewery, was killed 8 fighter 3 chyrvonagvardeytsy the wounded and 300 chelavek . In the basement there is a lot utapivshyhsya vodka. A crowd already intoxicated or enjoy vodka yes raking Shop ".
* "Krasnoarmejsky truth" in 1928, writes: "At the last meeting of the CPC BSSR Narkamzem Comrade. Prishchepov informed about the progress of the construction of" Central House of peasant "in Minsk. Building this house is completed.’re Only finish interior trim. This house will be the greatest buildings built before This time in Minsk. On rovnenko (flat) roof of this house is meant to hold in the summer cinema show, performances, etc. "
"Lim" in 1958 provides word writer Nikolai Gamolko: "Here he is on the doorstep, our good guest. Chubby, chyrvonashchoki dressed on This time astronaut in a suit. We have learned it. Good day to you, Messenger of history! How glad we are — we can get to our family home. We waited for the big prazdnichek. Earth circled around the sun came out on the sacred boundary. Again, people want each other new happiness, success and joy. We look back involuntarily reverse: that still made for the year have gone, to be happy? "
Prepared by Dmitry Podberezskaya

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