In the bullpen in Akrestsin left opposition

Activist "Jeans for Freedom" Pavel Kuryanovich detained a day of solidarity, January 16, and was arrested for 20 days.
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From the bullpen Akrestsin Street released are Arthur Pedko Vitaly Kukrish Nikolai Shvetsov, Vladimir Nepomnyashchikh Paul Kurianovich.

Glad it all went through. I’m glad it’s not fine. I am glad that it is 15 days.
36-year-old Nikolai Shvetsov for the first time went to jail. He said, "Radio Liberty", which went on to share, along with their fellow entrepreneurs. With their company detained only his 1st.
Nicholas shared his impressions:
"Little stress on what kind of brand-new situation. Food is horrible. I’m glad I went through it all. I’m glad it’s not fine. I’m glad it’s 15 days. I was not broke and did not break those was with me. I would say more, I even strengthened this conclusion. "
Arthur Pedka detained employees of traffic police. Arthur told that they brought him to the police of the Central district and left themselves. Later, already "commandos" were it reports about the arrest. At trial, they testified that Arthur beheld the demonstrators. Arthur was also the first time went to jail:

"At night woke up and climbed on the battery, as it was cold. I wore two pants, three sweaters, warm socks, gloves. By myself, I put a coat and all the same It was cold. Food, well, no … Patty — and that of bread. Soup for lunch allowed. Only at one point, was the meat, when it was the ear. There wasand canned fish pieces, do not know where. Do Kim was some salsa. Okay, what were the onion and garlic. Terribly was not — well, that fear? "

At night woke up and climbed on the battery, as it was cold
Vladimir Nepomnyashchikh came to the meeting of businessmen from Gomel. He past a police captain. On Independence Square businessman appealed to the Minister Interior Vladimir Naumov, with words, authorities do not respect people. Immediately whereupon He was detained at the order of the minister, who ran the crackdown.
Pavel Kuryanovich activist "Jeans for Freedom", was released from the bullpen Akrestsin Street in the evening.
So makarom, administrative detention served in custody for more than fifty people. Among them Joint favorite civilian Party Anatoly Lebedko, entrepreneurial movement activists, youth activists unregistered organizations. Andrei Kim after serving administrative detention was transferred to remand.

Now bullpen Akrestsin Street there is not the 1st opposition. Tags:, prisoners release

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