In the colony refused to hand over books Dashkevich Poznyak

Mogilev remand Carnet accepted, and in Shklou penal colony abandoned.
Ales Cheholsky "Sent them books" New Century "and" Lofty principality "Poznyak. Also put his performance of" enlightenment and strength "on November Sejm couple envelope to wait for an answer, and my congratulations congratulations. Wish them fortitude and so faster they were released.
Through some time I received a message from Mogilev, January 8 letter that gained remand not Finkevich and some lieutenant. I do not know, handed it to Arthur. And yesterday I got a Shklou penal colony number 17 envelope with his subsequent postscript. "Penal colony № 17 from getting refused. Forward only allowed stationery. Out of postal regulations and internal regulations of correctional institutions. "
I believe that all this is connected with the name of our chairman Zenon Pozniak Stanislavovitch. They are afraid to even his wordsand came to the prisoners, "- says Ales Cheholsky.

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