In the Kyrgyz parliament will probably 4 games

90 parliamentary seats fought 12 parties. According to Kyrgyz election law, the party to get into parliament, must not only win more than 5% of the vote, and at least half a percentage point to get votes in every region of the country.
According to initial reports, which appeared in the Sun, looked that the Kyrgyz parliament will one party — the pro-presidential "Ak Jol" gained 47% of the vote, only five percent barrier overcame opposition "Ata Meken", but which failed to win by half a percent of the vote in the south — in the political birthplace of President Bakiyev.
Opposition is sharply criticized the election campaign, accusing the authorities in large-scale fraud. OSCE observers noted that the elections did not meet democratic standards. With criticism of the election was made even a member of the Central Election Commission Adylbek Sariev that, namely, said:
Sariev: "Within 3 days we could not get the results. This means, authorities had quite a while to finish this job, which was to falsify the results. CEC must also for 2-days to respond to all complaints related to the election. Complaints very many. What they are not considered — also a violation of the law. "
But then began surprises. Tuesday Supreme Tribunal saw the need to dial position by half a percent of votes in each region of the country and declared it illegal.
With On the other hand, to the extent that, as counted moree number of votes, the results became less specific. For the calculation of 99% of the vote in Parliament potraflyali already 4 games — the pro-"Ak Jol" with an overwhelming majority, the opposition "Ata Meken" with 8%, the opposition Social Democratic Party and the pro-Communist Party, both of which gained a little more than 5%.
It is expected that the final results will be announced tomorrow, the data from the mining district of Osh region driven by car to Bishkek.
Even if All four games will be held in the parliament, the pro-presidential party will be 75 seats out of 90. But the situation is no longer recall adjacent Kazakhstan, where all the seats in the parliament took the pro-presidential party.

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