In the United States modernized Russian carbine «Boar»

In the United States modernized Russian carbine
Love some Yankees Kalashnikov and other small arms, developed at its base, in principle known. In the U.S. there is a sufficient number of fans of the brand, as evidenced by increased sales of carbines «Saiga», produced by «Izhmash», which has now become part of a new group «Kalashnikov». South American love for Russian firearms is not limited to only buying it. In the U.S. there is a sufficient number of skilled craftsmen who are ready to upgrade the Russian standards. One of the upgrade options self-loading carbine «Boar», made on the basis of the Kalashnikov machine gun, presented by Snake Hound Machine (SHM).

Carbine «Boar» — is the brainchild of Russian defense industry conversion mid 90s of last century. The carbine was developed based on the Kalashnikov machine gun (PKK) and due to the fame of the brand immediately fell in love with the representatives of security agencies and Russian hunters. First party data carbines very swiftly flew by Russian ChOPam and hunting clubs, this speed can be correlated with the speed of a frightened saiga.

Carbine retained constructive scheme «Kalashnikov», and its type of automation. This is nothing unusual. In developing conversion tools basic principle is to preserve as many features of the army engineering standard. Also at that time there was already a nice example of this scheme — Izhevsk carbine «Saiga». Because at the «Hammer» in the town of Glade Vyatskie not have to reinvent large. In carbine «Boar», as in the PKK, to recharge the principle of diverting a portion of the powder gases through a special hole in the side wall of the trunk. The main difference between «Boar» from his own combat ancestor is that the trigger mechanism provides an opportunity to fire only single shots. In addition, the engineers «Hammer» had to change and shape the horn, so that in any case in the civilian version of the rifle could not stick real combat shop.

In the United States modernized Russian carbine

Stock and forend «Boar» made of wood, with all this handguard missing — foregrip covers the barrel top. Designers from Vyatskie Polian decided not to renounce and from that particular gun Kalashnikov as pistol grip, which is combined with the butt. In other words, in the butt hole was made for the thumb. This solution allowed the designers do not carry guns trigger, its trigger guard, and, as follows, and freed from having to perform extra traction in the trigger mechanism.

In a carbine «Boar», usually used stores 2-main types 5 and 10 cartridges. Carbine equipped with the sector targeted, having the pitch division up to 1000 meters. On top of the receiver has a base for mounting the optical sight. For a variety of specifications carbine «Boar» similar to Izhevsk «Saiga», affect the overall roots: a trigger mechanism, the base for an optical sight, magazine capacity. Immediately with this, «Boar» longer barrel and heavier than he. It has its advantages: very long barrel reduces muzzle flash, and a lot of weight reduces the recoil energy.

Due to constantly conducted additions and improvements carbine «Boar» can rightly be called one of the more successful conversion carbines submitted Russian industry. Besides the continued competitiveness in Izhevsk family «Saiga» forcing engineers «Hammer» does not stand in one place, in continuous work on improving his own rifle. Knowing that AK abroad for quite long been used to develop tools for massive rifle cartridges (eg, have done so in Yugoslavia and Israel), the designers of Vyatskie Glades based on its own self-loading carbine «Boar» chambered for 7,62 x39 version also made chambered 7.62mm type .308 «Winchester» (hunting version NATO 7,62 x51). The new version of the rifle may receive the title of «Hog-308.»


Caliber — 7.62 mm.
Cartridge — .308 WIN (7,62 x51)
Barrel length — 520/700 mm.
Carbine length — 1165/1275 mm.
Carabiner height — 200 mm.
Width carbine — 75 mm.
Sighting range — 300 m
Initial velocity — 830 m / s.
Accurancy (scattering radius) — less than 50 mm.
Magazine capacity — 2, 3, 5, 10 rounds
Weight with magazine for 5 rounds — 4.4 kg.

On the basis of the rifle «Vepr-308» American company Snake Hound Machine (SHM) managed to make quite a fascinating instrument. The company has set a goal to change ahead of the progressive worldview Rifle AK public on the platform as a whole. To do this, experts at the company gathered a group of craftsmen gunsmiths in love with the small gun AK family, and developed on the basis of the rifle «Boar» something amazing.

To develop their own weapons masterpiece designers chose just SHM model chambered for .308 Winchester (7,62 x51 mm NATO). Choice is justified by the fact that the developers wanted to make the most well-aimed rifle gun with very highest precision index. So do not think that the carbine «Hog» was just obveshen straps and accessories, then received the status of a masterpiece. Task, which was delivered by SHM, was specifically in the development of the rifle is capable of accurately shoot using commercially available standard ammunition.

Here’s what one of the developers says carbine SHM 308: «These rifles were changed from flies to butt using substitution pins, springs and pins, all undergone painstaking tuning and manual polishing, in order to improve the reliability of the instruments and to minimize the impact. As a result, at medium ranges experienced shooters can lay bullets in a circle with 1 MOA accuracy, using simple ammunition. » Modified shotgun «Boar» is equipped with muzzle compensator Ares Armor Effin-A, which is considered one of the most efficient in its class and a barrel length of 419 mm.

The creators of the refreshed version of the rifle abandoned quite extensive vserasprostranennyh accessories in favor of the stock B5 Systems SOPMOD Bravo, forearm from the company SGM Tactical, a guide for butt Rifle Dynamics AK / AR and pistol handle from US Palm. The company opted for the best examples. In this modernization has not been completed. Change has been subjected to discharge box empty cartridges, was also replaced the standard safety lever on the lever of Krebs Enhanced, which allows you to delay the shutter carbine SHM 308 in the last rearward position. Besides slide group was replaced by a more comfortable setting for charging handle.

Copa SHM 308 Vepr carbine supplied to the consumer versions with 5-or 10-round magazine in 3 standard versions, Standard, TWS & Keymod and California Express. First option is the most a cheap and easy, it has a lightweight polymer forearm and weighs 3.67 kg, performing TWS & Keymod he delivered to the customer with the system guides Krebs Vepr Keymod, his weight increased to 4.36 kg. Krebs Vepr Keymod — a modular system designed for mounting on a rifle and various accessories made by Vltor, also with carabiner can be used everyday Picatinny rail. In California Express carbine version has a backstop store, this version is designed for California. Depending on the selected value at the carbine version SHM 308 on the South American market varies from 2200 to 2600 bucks.

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