Inflation for the year was 16%

Today’s rate of 10.5% effective in Belarus on September 13. National Bank in This year has twice increased the rate refinasavannya whenever — a quarter percent.
According to official figures, inflation in Belarus amounted to over 8 months this year 8.2 percent
National Bank to increase the refinancing rate excludes the end of the year to 11-14% per annum.
Economist Alexander Chubrik clarifies that the National Bank is obliged to increase the rate of funding, because inflation is significantly higher percent of that rate. Inflation, if you count from September last year until September this amounted to 16 per cent. The Economist does not exclude that the National Bank will continue to increase this rate.
It should be noted that some Belarusian banks peg their interest, under which loans and deposits are located, from refinasavannya rates.

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