Is likely to Belarus transition to the Latin alphabet?

For promotion of the graphics system Belarusian bloggers announced the current week Belarusian Latin week. What are the prospects of the Belarusian Latin?
Tradition and Modernity

First record of the Belarusian Latin script text appeared in the XVI century. By the beginning of 20-ies of XX century Latin an equal coexisted with Cyrillic. Latin Yang wrote Chechot, Pavljuk gaff, Vincent Dunin-Marcinkiewicz, Frantisek Bogushevich Adam Gurinovitch. Kalinouski printed Latin script Belarusian-newspaper "Peasant’s true." Early twentieth century in Latin Exit "Our fraction" in Cyrillic and Latin issued "Nasha Niva" in Latin collections of poetry out of Yanka Kupala, aunts.
In 1926, at the Belarusian Academic Conference on the reform of spelling suggestions were made to see the transition to the Latin alphabet, but these proposals were made against Belarusian linguists, including Vaclav Lastouski.
Active promoter of Latin was Jan Stankiewicz, and specifically his proposal gave the Belarusian Latin alphabet in its modern form.
Belarusian Latin toponymy approved in International Committee of the UN
Currently the use of Latin in Belarus is rather limited. But there are fundamental areas where Latin is simply necessary, for example, place names, writing their own names in the documents. Specialists of the Institute of Linguistics of the Latin alphabet developed for transferring titles Belarusian geographical objects. In the past year, the Belarusian Latin toponymy in approved international United Nations Conference on rassredotachivaniyu geographical titles. Dr. Valentine Lemtyugovoy life engaged in research titles populated Fri, transfer writing Latin toponymic objects, but it is constantly criticized, it is unnecessary:
"I defended struggled to assert specifically national Latin. With some insignificant amendments passed our Latin, which was used in" Our Cornfield. "And it works in practice, and now will work already internationally. We do not translate names, and such a facility of the International Committee of the United Nations. Thank God that they have raised this question, some prepyadstviya identified. And here is was easier to justify that it is not coming from me, but from international practice. "
Should be uniform rules for writing Latin
Currently being harsh work to develop a Latin document, because to write full names of employees at registry offices, passport service very many difficulties. Candidate of Philology Ira Gaponenko write a scientific paper "Transfer Belarusian Latin names" and hopes that will be adopted uniform rules booms own names. But absolutely go to Latin currently unrealistic, says Ira Gaponenko, because all will be illiterate, even those who know the Belarusian language, but:
"Since we live in a world that has latsinkamovnyya country kirylichnamovnyya there, and we are all connected, we should have developed a common system, that on occasion we could convey its Latin characters. Should be uniform rules, annotations, and they already almost there. But in general, go to Latin — a sort of fiction, utopia. "
In Belarus, the web at the moment is a very heated debate supporters and enemies of the Latin alphabet. Curezna discusses the controversial issues around the "th" and "l", and there are baseless "attacks" one group to another. Blogger Andrei Nikolayev expressed such a world:
"The point is not to go one hundred percent to Latin. No. main thing — that was the equal status of the Cyrillic and Latin alphabets. Who wants to write Latin, so this did not prevent them. Want — write in Cyrillic."
Supporters of the transition to the Belarusian Latin cite the example of Turkey, some Central Asian republics, Azerbaijan, which at different times ran over to the Latin alphabet.
Dmitry Savka "Latin would be a window to the world"

Scientists also far more tolerant to such a transition.
Dr. Valentine Lemtyugovoy reads:
"I think this is a progressive phenomenon, and we should be proud that we dvuhshryftovaya language. This is only for the benefit of language, and her style is working. And the style of civilization. I feel about that, and with the attention and respect, and all I do everything, that is possible. "
Linguist Dmitry Sauko convinced that Latin should be used together with the Cyrillic alphabet, and perhaps over time Latin has a chance to become the only graphic identification for whiteRussian language.
"If we fight for it, if we put on the altar of victory, his strength, then faster in the Belarusian language as advayavannya with such a place under the sun. Would it Latin, Cyrillic is — question number two. Though the term, of course, see for Latin . Changing Cyrillic to Latin Belarusian outlook would change, it redirects to a completely different person outside perception of reality. This would be a window to the world. "

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