It hurt, do not take on the highest level

The Embassy of the United States of America does not comment on the dangers of Alexander Lukashenko, but do not rule in accordance with the application recently the U.S. State Department.
Favourite party "Belarusian Christian Democracy", which is created at the moment, Paul Seviarynets statement referred to manager

Such errors to the person who manages the state, you can not do

Belarus irresponsible of municipal spectacle. Paul was a member of the Belarusian delegation, which had first December in Washington meeting with the President and Secretary of the United States.

"With the United States need to be friends, to cooperate. It is currently the most powerful country in the world that professes democratic principles. A country with the strongest economy. Such attacks on the address of the United States — are unacceptable in diplomatic sphere. Outspread in the field is the most coarse political mistake . And such errors to the person who manages the state simply can not do. Than she explained? It hurt that you did not take the highest municipal level.
On the other hand — it seems to be helpful volley. In today’s environment management know that the United States is pursuing a policy of alternately and that these sanctions are expected next steps, "- says Pavel Seviarynets.
Joint civilian favorite games Anatoly Lebedko, who also was a member of the Belarusian delegation in the U.S., believes Alexander Lukashenko did not choose the best time for such threats to the address of the United States:

"2007 Belarusian authorities can not bring yourself to an asset. Neither within the country or outside it was not the success that

U.S. announcement of sanctions has more political and psychological content

could Now would be proud of. U.S. announcement of sanctions has more political and psychological content. And Lukashenko knows that its implementation is not a very good knock on the Belarusian economy. But there is a dread of the trend: if economic sanctions will join the European Union, the crisis, which they say many analysts, just become a reality. Now more than half of our trade is with the EU. And it is clear that the European Union and the United States have approximately similar strategy towards Belarus ", — said Anatoly Lebedko.
Political scientist Matskevich statement referred to Alexander Lukashenko unfounded.
"In 1-x, are unknown to me the reasons for such a brutal response from the president of one country towards another country. Topics more than that this country until nothing wrong Belarus did not and no danger really does not bear. This unwarranted expression Lukashenko faster due to the fact that the last year was both scales. Fluctuations

This country has nothing wrong Belarus did

Meanwhile, much still orient the Belarusian economy — to the West or the East.

Last Putin’s visit our country somehow worked on these fluctuations. That currently reads Lukashenko — this argument on the cup, that if the West does not peaceably turned to Belarus, it will again shift towards Russian direction, "- said Vladimir Mackiewicz.
Yesterday the head of Belarus told reporters followed: "How significant will be introduced to our economy sanctions, we will respond very aggressively on all fronts, in politics, in the economy and in other areas. First who will be thrown out, it will be salting the United States" .
December 13 salting U.S. to Belarus Karen Stewart said that if the Belarusian authorities did not release political prisoners and undertake democratic reforms, the United States wants to impose economic sanctions against other Belarusian companies, not counting the "Belneftekhim".

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