It is time to drive from the lexicon of sorts nebadrapy, zemlyazdrygi …

"Russian Belarus" in 1928 under the heading "byelorussization turvy" notes: "We need to focus particularly on the issues of improvement, cleansing and revitalizing the language, which in our conditions is a major factor in the Cultural Revolution. It is time to drive any of our vocabulary" nebadrapy "," zemlyazdrygi "yes all their relatives. Culture business language of speech newspaper — it is close to the culture of the language of literature, one of the important tasks present a day or . "
"Star" in 1938, informs: "As a result of correspondence between musical NCID and the Polish Embassy in Moscow on a number of railway accidents … Polish embassy said NCID hint that the Polish government has taken measures to increase the care with the aim of ensuring the common Train service between Shepetovka-Zdolbunov. In reply to a note of January 27 NCID brought to the attention of the Polish Embassy, that he perceives this message gratification note. "
"Lim" in 1988 print edition of the official response: "Dyarzhkamvyd BSSR reports: Publishing" Belarus "produces cards (specific, solemn, on campuses Belarus — only 29 titles) only whiteRussian language. In 1987, their circulation was 1 million 800 thousand copies. To the newcomer, the two types of cards issued edition of 120 thousand copies. "Souzpechat" also ordered them only 11 thousand. This is to appease the public demand is clearly insufficient. Issue vouchers for calendars in the republic of the respective equipment. "

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