It is time to return the deposits as refrigerators and televisions

Decision of the Council of the European Union regarding visa sanctions against senior officials of Belarus — the topic of discussion in the audience of "Freedom."
Man: "All those who vote in the Council of Europe for the abolition of visa restrictions, we are welcome to work on the year in our factories and collective farms."
Follow-Up — on the recent elections to the House of Representatives:
Man: "How many votes won by such famous figures as Liabedzka others? It would show on" Freedom "that if it is more than 5 percent, well, for example, 10 or 15, then the same shame Lukashenko for his prediction that the opposition we have kept, so to speak, on the verge of statistical error. Hope you do such a review and tell his listeners how much our opposition on the average votes won over voters in their own official, so to say, data. Thank you. "
Expression commented Managing Information Center SLM Yuri Potemkin:
"According to official data of our candidates scored between 5 and 30%. But on average, they were not allowed more than 15% — representatives who ran from one list of SLM. But, according to our data, 19 UDF candidates defeated in the first round — scored more than 50% of the vote. And in the vicinity of 14 was to be held the second round of voting. This information is unofficial. But we can not verify them or those who announced the CEC. "
At the summit of CIS head of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko was a 5-year-old scion of Nicholas. Comments listeners:
Man: "Maybe someone from colleagues will give him a hint that the president and his son Kolya more people eyes pricked? If he has such a love for the child, let him show his mom."
Spades: "Does it seem to you that the PR Bell works immediately on the 2-rates? From Belarus he receives huge amounts of money for the establishment of G. style, but somewhere someone to pay him more for discrediting Lukashenko."
Continuing program from other statements:
Man: "Want to appeal to those who call in defense Lukashenko discrediting the opposition. Neuzh that this opposition povydavali" Mercedes "bureaucrats? Neuzh that this opposition implements enterprise Russian entrepreneur?"
Aleksander Jackiewicz: "Belarusian kids go to school, go to kindergarten — where temperatures are higher than normal vorachivayutsya home — there in the street. Most of the classes do not, most of the groups do not have."
Larissa: "At this moment came the moment that it’s time we return the deposits, as once promised as refrigerators and televisions. Stated that teles" Knight "will not be needed in Russia, because there established his creation. Better we mature people will take advantage of these things than they will be in stock. This issue must be resolved in the House of Representatives, members of which we have chosen. "
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