It was in stock — sent to his uncle

During yesterday’s meeting with the governor of the Saratov region Pavel Ipatov head Belarusian government Sergei Sidorsky said that the cash crisis forces return to the methods of work adopted in the 90s. This — pralyangatsyya payments to 90-100 days and barter. According to Belarusian Prime Minister, "these are some good ways to criteria monetary crisis."
Vasily Shlyndikov — CEO last known enterprise in Belarus "Amkodor" — explains what pralyangatsyya payments:

Vasily Shlyndikov"This government allows and will not punish you for what you shipped your own product, and funds not yet received. But this — not a panacea, not salvation."
Sovereign Shlyndikov says that in his time such bargaining called: "It was in stock — sent to his uncle." It remembers the last CEO, suit and directors, and the highest authority in including and higher. Indeed, virtually has not sold the product was no longer considered in warehouse supplies. And on paper it looked that all work fine and not crowded warehouses.

Barter — it’s all … Practically speaking, this is destruction of the monetary system.

To barter ratio Basil Shlyndikova very negative:
"A barter — it’s all … Practically speaking, it is the destruction of the monetary system. Possible to state that all development stops."
Past CEO explains the consequences of barter:
"This is — a spiral. Well, changed product. A need to pay taxes. And where to get their money? A means to taxes — no. And if not, means the budget is not formed. And if the budget is not formed, what they do? Recording means. And inflation develops. This — terribly. God forbid reach of such measures. "
Vasily Shlyndikov believes afterdstviya economic and financial policy 90s nothing trained management Belarus. As then, the authorities and is currently trying to artificially delay the rate of the dollar:
"Then the suspended rate bucks. And inflation was 300%. And for bank loans, if you do not return them to fit, was necessary to pay 900%. Then they destroyed the entire industry, especially the export. "

Barter system makes it possible to throw in jail at least some control of the enterprise

Vasily Shlyndikov reads itself barter system allows to throw in jail at least some control of the enterprise. Is enough to power structures found that he deliberately understated the price of its own product or overcharged that bought through barter:
"Well, someone thinks that you incorrectly changed — the flea. Seems nyavygdna. And in fact, our criteria, if law enforcement authorities interpret economic laws and deal very freely, I think, that this scheme under filling our prisons CEOs. "
Past CEO "Amkodor" so says the probable fate of today’s operating companies:
"This is not, God forbid, I would not wish to be in place Directors, if they survive to that we experienced."

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