January 10 detained specifically youth

Militiamen Central police station closed the door and do not allow anyone there. In court, there are representatives of the OSCE and the second secretary of the Embassy of the United States Steven Gillan. The courts have not yet started, but it became clear that it is in the Central Tribunal brought more detainees beaten yesterday. Recall that 10 evening police themselves called an ambulance to minors, which is very special forces soldiers beat police paddy. Two people were hospitalized with injuries of varying severity.
Now Minister Interior Vladimir Naumov said that yesterday was delayed 28 people among them Only two businessmen. Detainees told Radio Liberty, Special Forces soldiers that the police had orders to detain young people specifically. If several businessmen were in a paddy wagon, the police brought them out. Youth activists They find that it was made intentionally to discredit peaceful disposition shares businessmen.

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