January 10 protest in Minsk: online reporting


The family Shabetnik Oleg said he was detained yesterday at about 22 hours local policeman and charged them swearing and resistance policeman. "Freedom" has reported that Oleg Shabetnik not hide their intention to participate in the strike on January 10 businessmen in Minsk.
15:38Entrepreneurs blocked traffic near the Independence Square. They only missed the car "ambulance". Ales Dashchynski passes.

15:25 Head of the Economic Department head of the presidential administration, Mrs. Medvedev, who spoke with a group of businessmen, said that their demands will be transferred to the head of administration Gennady Nyavyhlas, which will inform the President. She also said that to cancel the decree number 760 no one is going.
15.15. Entrepreneurs as before on Independence Square. They decide what to do next. They agree to meet with the chairman of the Commission on Enterprise House Anatoly Pavlovich.

Businessmen came to Independence Avenue and completely blocked it.
14:45Entrepreneurs took absolutely Independence Square. There riot policemen.

On Independence Square transmits Love Lunev.

15:00 In Borisov now more than 200 businessmen from the markets of the town came out to protest in the central square of the town. Unsanctioned rally participants passed a resolution. Original it is oriented to the presidential administration.

From the words of activist Oleg Borisov Lysko, entrepreneurs require:

Declare a moratorium on the execution of the decree number 760;

  1. Expedite the enactment of the middle and small business in Belarus;
  2. Finish the persecution of the movement of entrepreneurs.

14:50 Favourite campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Gorbachev morning now locked in a house Borisov.
"I turned off mobile phones. Around threshold apartment — the police, the yard is also guarded by the police and the KGB," — said the emperor Gorbachev.

14:31Entrepreneurs follow Avenue toward Independence Square. In the column, our correspondent Ales Dashchynski

In Magileve on Lenin Square against the executive committee structure is a little more than 100 participants spontaneous meeting. The correspondent of "Liberty" reports that people went creeping after business delegation returned from a meeting with bureaucrats Mogilev Regional Executive Committee.
Favourite current protests Tsurpanau said "Freedom", it’s hard to hope for some solutions executive committee, although, according to him, the bureaucrats’ promise to bring their suggestions to improve the work of personal business to the presidential administration. "

"We urgently need to build organizations strike in every market town — Sovereign states Tsurpanau — to develop and retain people in the open determination to fight for their rights.
Participants of the meeting decided to walk along the roadway to the building of the presidential administration. But the police did not miss a column by applying brute force. People were asked for 10 minutes to disperse. Then the convoy turned around and started to move toward Independence Square carriageway prospectus.


14:19 Entrepreneurs blocked Independence Avenue. Pass Luneva

14:08 Entrepreneurs blocked Independence Avenue and chanting "Together!" and "Long live Belarus!" Used batons against the demonstrators, and a part of Special Forces

14:00Participants in the rally business
  went through Independence Avenue to the building of the presidential administration. They are not directed through the underpass, and on top. Police warns in megaphones inappropriate order.

13:55 Entrepreneurs voted for, to go to the presidential administration. People began to move towards this  building.
13.50. On October Square rally of businessmen. They expect what negotiations will conclude in the presidential administration. Speaker businessman Ales Taustyka. On the square is Love Lunev.

13:40Four businessmen — Shumchanka gentlemen, Romashin, Akopova and Shapovalov — missed the presidential administration building to meet with the head of economic governance Nina Medvedeva. Journalists were not allowed in the administration.
 Thirteenth40. On October Square rally of businessmen. They expect what negotiations will conclude in the presidential administration. Ales Dashchynski passes.

13:05 Deputy Chairman of the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee Nikolai Snapkou ordered reporters to leave the room, where it met with representatives of the protesters on Lenin Square.
This was stated by the correspondent of "Freedom." He also notes that the police and security services remain in their places. Participants of the rally, which is now about 500 people, wants to await the outcome of negotiations with representatives of its own bureaucrats executive committee.

On October Square appeared white-red-white flags and the movement "For Freedom." Before the rally participants were favorite UCP Anatoly Lebedko, entrepreneurs, people who identified themselves as employees. Policemen in megaphones warn people of Ban enter the carriageway and carry out a procession. On the square at this time BRYU conducts youth contests
13:00 Our correspondent Ales Dashchynski on the structure of the Presidential Administration:

Reporter: "I am in the presidential administration, along with a group of businessmen who have come here to negotiate with the administration. They require that someone from the administration came and answered their questions. Security Service did not allow the delegation to the building. They called representative reception service people. Negotiations about x and say favorite business associations "Perspective" Anatoly Shumchanka.

Shumchanka: "We met with the head of the presidential administration receiving letters and pronounced him that people require on October Square. To them came or Lukashenko or other highest bureaucrat, who would have started negotiations and talked to him as they continue to live and work in this country. he went on to the administration to convey our demands. We are waiting for a response. Entrepreneurs expect bureaucrat who will come to their area — Kobyakov Pyatkevich Tour Lukashenko — who unprincipled. Suppose come out and hold talks. "


12:40 A group of businessmen of 10 people went to the building of the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee. Choosing their own representatives made by the protesters. More than 500 people remain in the square in front of the executive committee. They voted unanimously to put forward demands:



  1. Impose a moratorium on the presidential decree number 760, which forbade personal businessmen hire other workers, not counting both among their own relatives;
  2. Accelerate the adoption by Parliament of a law on small and medium business in Belarus.


"Our nominees must prepare and submit a written document," — explained  Tsurpanau.
12:00 In Mogilev area is already more than 500 businessmen. Sounds demand: "We want to hear the representative of authority. Suppose he comes to the area and explain how we feed our families." Policemen and security services do more attempts to break through the ring of protection to the organizers of the action.

11:50 It became clear that in the neighborhood Sukharevo Stop public transport was detained one of the favorites of entrepreneurs’ movement Alyaksandr Macau. He was detained along with a small offspring when the activist was going to go to the rally on October Square.

Mogilev group of businessmen were allowed to meet with the chief of the department of business economics committee of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee Victor Krasowski.

Protesters remain on the square. There are already more than 300 people. Increases the number of police and security services in civil servants.
Mogilev Regional Executive Committee said that now the chairman Boris Batura Tipo "is outside the area."

Mogilev on Lenin Square in front of the Executive Committee gathered more than 250 people. Lieutenant colonel, who did not want to call his name, through megaphones warns people about the illegal finding the square, threatening arrests and fines. For businessmen watching people in a group of policemen and civil. While there are no favorites regional offices business associations "Perspective" and the campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise."

Spontaneous rallies businessmen on Lenin Square in Mogilev held January 4 and 5. People demand the abolition Fri 1.1 decree number 760, which forbade businessmen personal use of employees, except as kin.

In the area of traffic police officers Samokhvalovichy stopped vehicle, which went to Minsk entrepreneurs Victor and Alexander Kryval Tsatsura family.

Traffic police initially missed the car, and later began to catch up with her. They spoke as if the driver was driving on the left side and on the right need. The policemen insisted that entrepreneurs went to the department, but they refused.
After Colonel Karpovich and about 7 policemen planted gentlemen Kryval Tsatsura and also his wife and son in a police car and taken to the police. They they say that the white minibus driver Tipo man knocked on the track Slutsk-Minsk. The machine on which rode entrepreneurs stay on track.


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