Journalists inspect for involvement in Belsat

January 12 media-independent group of journalists in Minsk recorded interview with economist Paul Daneyko. Open a discussion topic of the meeting of businessmen on January 10 and other burning questions Belarusian economy. But after, as members of the media began to disperse, a group of Vladimir and Galina Samoilova also Valeria Buldyk, suspended security officers. All were detained and taken to the Central police station, where officers searched and eventually confiscated equipment. Security officers arrest argued that the house Tipo committed theft suspects can be everything. Did not help even Pavel Daneyko, who confirmed that he knows journalists.
Provides details of journalist Vladimir Samoilov:
"They took the camera, tapes, even the camera I gave my daughter and took the shoot. In short, everything that could vytrasli and cleaned out the pockets. Tried to pick up even lechuschee remedy for heart disease. But later returned — they say, would be bad to me, who will respond later. abchystsili All one word that could: flash drives, floppy disks with working material. Well, everything. "
Reporter: "Now you wait a paper agenda, or what?"
Samoilov, "They then spoke as follows: call to duty part. These are people who did not even introduce themselves, referred to himself as only one captain and two soldiers uttered that they operatives and have the right not read, who they are. Say, we have office and so difficult. And for some reason, adding that they do not work for wages, and for inspiration. I told them and say, guys, what took you so much rubbish, including personal belongings? And I need them later to find through any duty? Razbyarytsesya — call, I’ll come. Do not come — will put handcuffs on me.
They answer me: what you have in your pockets? Searched, answer. No problems, am I going to resist the very three soldiers? I find myself I will not. After all, even took a video of my cousin marriage. I say, look at first, and they, We have no time, others will look. Even took floppy disks, where my job interviews with various people. I say — you currently consume, to lose, and I need this stuff, I’m working every day. In short, impunity terrible, just a bandit raid. "
Reporter: "The fate of an unknown technology, and when she can return to for you, too, lurking?"
"It’s unclear. And I predict that will not soon."
It clarifies the sovereign Samoilov, interrogation lasted for three hours and sometimes operatives vorachivalis to the topic, not implemented for video satellite channel "Belsat"? Well, one of the criteria was that the return of the art, that the journalists filed confirm "the legality of the shooting."

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