Judged protesters

15:35 Andrew Presnyaka Metropolitan Tribunal punished with arrest for 10 days.
14:21 Alexei Cooper was arrested for 5 days, by order of the court.
Lily Suboch punished in the Central Court 1 million 50 thousand rubles.

Andrew Sharenda from Brest pakapany Central Tribunal Minsk on 50 baselines, 1 million 750 thousand rubles.
13:50 Former businessmen Misha Subach fined 40 basic units — half a million rubles. He was tried for his role in the authorized shares of 10 and 21 January.
13:20 Victor Kukrysha, Arthur Pitko, Sergei Shevtsov Tribunal metropolitan area was arrested for 15 days each.
13:13 Andrey Savchuk and Tamara were fined 15 baselines. Businessman Viktor Bugaev fined 800 thousand rubles.
12:40 Alina Smooth punished by a fine of 30 basic units.
Valentin Sokolovsky, a member of an unregistered organization "Initiative", the Tribunal fined Metropolitan area 700 thousand rubles. But after the trial, he was released. Sokolovsky militiamen drove in reverse portion.
12:30 Arrested the protesters Andrei Kim was brought to the court of the Central District. His mom said that the trial of Andrew was not. After some time taken a Man is not clear where.
12:20 Konstantin Belagura punished by a fine of 750 thousand rubles.
12:15 Yury Bakur Central Tribunal fined a half million rubles.
12:00 Tribunal Central district fined Ales Krutkin 30 baselines — this one million 50 thousand rubles.
11:45 Tribunal Central district fined Nikolai Demidenko and Alexander Lyubyanchuka 20 baselines (750 thousand rubles) each. Both were charged with participating in an unsanctioned rally.
In the Metropolitan Tribunal of Minsk brought six detained protesters on January 21. Middle of the detainees: Alina Smooth, Misha Suboch Daria seashells and others. Policemen suffered protocols to the presiding judge. The Chairman shall allocate the case to the arbitrator.
According to the preparatory disk imaging, January 21 detained more than 20 people.
About 2 thousand protesters marched from October to the Independence square. From there they drove hundreds of commandos. Dispersal of shares managed personally Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov. Tags: entrepreneurs, rally, detention, tribunal

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