Julia Sivtsova student sentenced to 15 days

Tribunal over activist public organizations "Youth of BPF" held behind closed doors. Maid showed video business meeting, which shows that she participated in it.
Tatiana Paulyuchuk referee announced the verdict — 15 days of arrest. If Julia were taken out of the courtroom, its members immediately want to give her warm clothes, a sleeping bag, food, so the woman took them to the jail in Akrestsin. Anastasia says girlfriend convicted Bird:
"We want her to pass at the moment kind of thing, but we do not have allowed, pushed almost rejected from Julia. We had read that it was her things that she needed. But we did not want to listen.
Julia currently taken to the Akrestsin. And we uttered that things can pass there, but we now do not have time. And it is really so. While her dovezut until formalize — in some places it will be half of the sixth. A transfer will only accept up to second. Because transmission sister Julia suffer tomorrow morning. "
Julia Sivtsova now detained in the morning when she returned home. And tried to arrest her yesterday. Then it went to the apartment police officer and commanded to go together with him. My co-worker Anna Sous times then phoned Julia:
"I opened the door to him. He said:" Please come. "I asked where and in what case. He replied:" You know. "He is not given, he had a notebook, where he wasand my data. I asked him to wait. And we were able to lock up with his girlfriend in the apartment. He expected to call on your home phone, via intercom to the apartment. "
At night the girls, unnoticed, ran out of the apartment. A day Julia returned home from a friend. Then her and detained.
Friends Yulia expecting it in court. In the courtroom they were not allowed. And while the referee Paulyuchuk considered the case, police arrested 3 youth activists — Franak Vyachorka, Anton Kalinowski and Ales Stankevich. About this Radio "Liberty" said the lawyer Julia Sivtsova Alexander Galiyev:
"Militiamen took away their passports and Vecherki to the same mobile phone. They were put in so called "Bobby" and were fortunate not clear where. Guys were lucky, they were detained. "

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