K.St ‘Ewart received merit

Said Radio Liberty U.S. Embassy representative in Belarus Alexei Salamakha:
"Salting U.S. Republic of Belarus Karen Stewart had merit, which is called "diplomats for freedom," for 2007. In his speech at the ceremony, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said: whereas the Belarusian authorities to extend the persecution of the opposition and ordinary people who campaign for peaceful change method, the South American salting provided support for democratic initiatives in Belarus by the United States, "- says Alexey Solomaha.

"South American salting provided support for democratic initiatives in Belarus from the U.S."

As thesmiling in a statement the U.S. State Department, personal presence and personal contact can be very strong inventory in promoting democracy and thoughts civilian society, and showed that Karen Stewart.
Her experience in supporting democratic activists working against the repressive regime of Alexander Lukashenko, has become an occasion for honoring its first merit "diplomats for freedom."
Ceremony was accomplished at the State Department on December 10 in the Global day Human Rights. She was deputy chairman of the committee on foreign senatskaga Affairs Republican Senator Richard Lugar. This credit, which will now be awarded once a year, say U.S. diplomats for the promotion of democracy, respect for human pros and combat tyranny.
Salting Stewart and other members of the diplomatic mission in Belarus U.S. are watching how the opposition street protests, make public statements in support of peaceful demonstrations in favor of democracy.
"Her personal presence not only serves as a support for representatives of non-governmental organizations and opposition groups, and government forces not to use measures to forcibly disperse demonstrations," — said in a statement the U.S. State Department.
Salting and his deputy are on courts over political activists. Karen Stewart also assists in finding joint Fri between the various opposition groups.
Karen Stewart visited humanitarian aid to many places all over Belarus. To show this support, she organized a meeting with the families of political prisoners and those who learned earlier conclusion for political reasons. Salting Stewart and her team have made efforts and to, to expand sanctions against the Belarusian administration, it is stated in a statement the U.S. State Department.
Help "Liberty"

Karen Brevard Stewart, a career diplomat, was recommended for the post of ambassador to Belarus President Bush July 21, 2006, approved by the U.S. Senate on August 4 and sworn in by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on September 8. In Minsk Karen Stewart arrived September 18, 2006.
Mrs. Stewart was born in Florida. On the diplomatic service since 1977. Worked in Bangkok (Thailand), Colombo (Sri Lanka), twice — in Vientyane (Laos), also in Vdorne (Thailand), Islamabad (Pakistan) and as deputy ambassador in Minsk.
In the midst of its destination in the U.S. State Department in Washington — Officer international relations on fisheries management, economic management personnel dilemmas countries energaspazhyvtsov, manager of Economy and Trade Department of the Israeli and Arab-Israeli issues. Served as Director for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova in the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs.
Karen Stewart Wells graduated from university, where she became a member of the student society "Phi Beta Capa" and Dyuranta scholar, holds a Bachelor of Astronomy (with distinction) and the economy. Continue research at the Institute of Astronomy of Virginia. In 1998 she received a master’s degree in national security strategy State Military Institute at the Institute of National Defense at Fort McNair.
Has Thai, Laotian and Russian languages. Received several notable awards the State Department.

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