K. Stewart: U.S. preparing new sanctions

Salting U.S. to Belarus Karen Stewart held a press conference immediately upon arrival from Washington, where last week representatives of the Belarusian opposition met with the President and Secretary of State. And her first statement was in response to the beating Dmitriy Fedoruk, Anatoly Lebedko, who were part of the Belarusian delegation in the U.S. and other activists.

Deputy head of the U.S. diplomatic mission Jonathan Moore and salting Karen Stewart

"I have strongly condemned the acts of the authorities against peaceful demonstrators. Yesterday Dmitriy Fedoruk was mercilessly beaten by police. It is in the clinic, and now we will continue to meet with them samples. Mon in after a peaceful demonstration in the civil business people detained nine people — Ivashkevich Victor Gorbachev Victor Kryval, Alexei Kashkarov Victor track, Alexander Tsatsura Boris Goretskogo, Alexander and Christina Makaeva Shatsikava. They also beat and detained Anatoly Lebedko Olga Kozulin. These ruthless acts negate previously achieved little progress, when the demonstrations were peaceful. U.S. Department of State expresses concern about this, and, we hope that this people will provided medical assistance, "- said the U.S. salting.
Head of the U.S. diplomatic mission, said the United States as before insisting on the release of political prisoners Alyaksandr Kozulin, Andrei Klimov, Dmitry Dashkevich, Artur Finkevich Autukhovich and Yury Leonov.
Karen Stewart said that as a result of extended sanctions 30 municipal employees and their family members who were going to the U.S. for business and tourist purposes, have been denied U.S. visas.
U.S. plans to adopt measures such as those who have already suffered a "Belneftekhim", in relation to other Belarusian municipal companies. The question Radio Liberty, companies whose accounts are frozen, salted said, those who controlled "Belneftekhim" or persons against whom sanctions were also those where Alexander Lukashenko personally proclaimed manager of the enterprise. To avoid new sanctions Belarusian authorities should make the next steps, said U.S. salting in Belarus:

The United States and the European Union coming to hope that the authorities will ease political prisoners

"The United States and the European Union coming rely, authorities unleash political prisoners Belarus fulfill its obligations with respect to the holding of free and fair elections and for Belarusians main human rights. It’s not trusting expectations. The United States is constantly talking with the European Union on Belarus. And we will continue to take appropriate steps to focus international attention on the people who are responsible for the lack of progress in our relationship. At the same time we will continue to be treated in a friendly way to the Belarusian people, "- said the U.S. salting.
Karen Stewart noted that the U.S. continue to support the value is beyond the control mass of information. Salting expressed hesitation happen significant progress in developing of so-called Allied countries of Belarus and Russia during President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Belarus.
Made against not so long ago the Belarusian-Venezuelan oil production enterprise United States apparently will not impose economic sanctions as "Belneftekhim" — the junior partner in the company, said Karen Stewart.

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