Keep business as they are right

Young Man: "I think that read about the strike in fact very early. But of course, that entrepreneurs on this day — the most revolutionary class. Maybe specifically because they have something to lose. From this point of view, I am very positive attitude to their protest, as any manifestation of public activism in defense their rights — it is to swallow all others. Especially since, considering that occur unsafe configuration, for example, teachers can lose their own vacations. In short, it would be an example for others. But on the other hand of course, that the business is no organization, no solidarity, consolidation. "
Another young man: "I myself was a businessman …"
Reporter: "Why cast?"
Young Man: "I do not quit, I just ran in PUE and is currently trying to legitimize this case. "
Reporter: "In short, you did because that is recorded in a decree?"
Young Man: "Well, at the moment, instead of working, I’m doing some nonsense. Currently that’s been in the bank for an hour and failed for himself put funds. As it turns out the director has no right to put money on your own account. I must enclose with his wife contracted a loan that she put money into my account, can you imagine? "
Reporter: "In short, it is easier for you began to work?"
Young Man: "No, it became more difficult, on the contrary. I’ve been doing two months bureaucratic walking back and forth."
Reporter: "You obeyed, but businessmen who are protesting against this decree, you still support?"
Young Man: "Of course, yes, I’m for them."
Man: "I support the business, because I think that they are right."
Reporter: "You do not do business, or your family, relatives?"
Man: "No, no one does it in me, familiar only there. But I support the business."
Another man: "The requirements of justice in them, I support."
Reporter: "In short, this situation, you know? Do you have relatives who are engaged in business?"
Man: "Yes, there is. What are they doing? Go on a common wave start peraafarmlyatstsa in PUE. According to another general rug out from under knock out …"
Young Man: "You know, I personally businessman, with all this work and learning. I believe that if you press in our country private enterprise, it will affect the economy of Belarus. As though it is a small business, but he brings his earnings. And if you do PUE, some entrepreneurs have finished, but will do illegally. And, roughly speaking, the government is not going to be very profitable. So that they have the right to strike. "
Man: "I support them. Infringes the rights can not change the working conditions once a year or every few months, as we have done in the country. Businessman Why can not hire people? He pays for their social insurance, everything else that fills the state budget makes new jobs. And no restrictions on hiring workers not must . "

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