Keep SP. It is wrong to cut under the knife

Man: "Keep. A lot of things have closed. Suppose not get something in these stores, and private traders were."
Reporter: "Do you think business demands fair?"
Man: "Certainly."
Old lady: "You know, we do not address that, because they know better."
Sovereign Incline age: "If officially hired, but most of the hires informally, of course I support, but that was all it official. Then support."
Young lady: "I honestly do not know. But fine, if there are entrepreneurs. There is a choice. Belarusian Other products not so, as statedsmiling. "
Madam and Sir, both Incline age.
Lady: "I do not understand anything in this entrepreneurship, he had not penetrated, because I do not I can tell. "
Man: "All the same no need no was necessary touch these things. I mean, if private businessman, only to hire their own relatives — and someone else can. If it is voluntary — who wants to go — to run across. Can not be so sharply cut under the knife. "
Lady: "In general, I naturally support, frankly, because here you go shopping, and there are almost all closed. And do not look and do not elect. Example, here is my world."
Man: "I am one hundred percent of their support, since almost all of them depend. Firstly, the prices applicable. Relationship with people in the trade are very courteous.’s All."
Lady: "Keep. Since unbearably work. As we will work? In private enterprise crosses unreal. No criterion was not there. How we work? Nothing. It’s just we zachynimsya. "
Man: "Keep. Let people work. Themselves engaged in their trading business. I believe that the people nothing wrong they do not. You see what all the items enclosed. Nowhere People do not take, do not buy it. Neither product, nothing. I I think the people of this does not get better. "
Three young mistress:
Lady: "I support the business."
2nd lady: "It is unrealistic to leave to get something."
3rd lady: "I think so, too."
Man: "Yes, I support, naturally. Authorities suppressed people. They try to do what that althoughthat power just as the master. Just no more words. "

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