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This is one of many meetings with the authorities and the public that the head of the Catholic Church in Belarus began after the inauguration.
Prazdnichka before Christmas Kondrusiewicz plans encounter, good and faithful priests, teachers, doctors, cultural workers, military prisoners. This was said by one of the assistants Metropolitan priest Igor Lashuk:
"These discussions take place for the first time. And we, in a sense pioneers this case. Preparation time we did not have very much, so far only passionate about Minsk. Pinning hopes, in the following years all of Minsk-Mahilyow be shrouded. "
During the first month of work on the latest post Kondrusiewicz met with the Chairman of the Committee on Religious Affairs Leonid Gulyako, Grodno and Mogilev authorities, spent two pressing conference Belarusian zabugornyh and journalists. In modern Belarus this occurs for the first time, and this occasion Metropolitan even jokes:
"There is not enough yet 1st date. Called me from Moscow, because there is also someone read on the Web, and they say: see athletes NO meeting. You yourself doing sports, as your president plays hockey, and athletes meeting no. Maybe you need something to do, not in This year, then later ".
Advent meeting Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz special: every participant he shares cachet — crisp white piece of bread, which symbolizes Christ in the breaking of bread Undercover Supper. Responding to numerous questions, often emphasizes linguistically constructed in Belarus Belarusian Church, although it is open to other languages.

You yourself are engaged in sports, the president plays hockey, and no meetings with athletes

He also opened for contacts with the public and to all the brand new and progressive. For example, this year to the main Mass on Christmas prazdnichek, and 24 hours on December 24, the Department will take about Minsk musical fireworks, says Father Alexander Amelchenya:
"It turns Bach wrote music specifically for fireworks. And under the sound of Bach’s music will take real fireworks on 150 meters in height. Notwhich they say, what a waste of air tools, but it is our recognition of Christ. This is our gratitude to Christ, it is our joy, our optimism that we share with people. Please invite everybody. "
Configuration in a Catholic church running Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz comments believer Protestant church, a political scientist Uladmer Mackiewicz:
"It is very a good symbol for the Belarusians that Metropolitan met with various groups Belarusian society, not forgets about their own teachers. How, for example, went to the funeral in Grodno 1st of the oldest church svetarov. I think that his work reflects not only on his personal property, and the revitalization of the Catholic Church. "

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