Kozulin: Strontium ignores similar ties

"It’s immoral decision taken without broad public debate" — quoted Alexander Kozulin his last lawyer Igor Rynkevich.
According to Igor Rinkevich, Alexander Kozulin first concerned about the dangers to health of Belarusians. "I urge the Governors of the country and to think about the health of children of their own, because strontium similar ties ignores" — the words of Alexander Kozulin his patron. Also last presidential candidate concerned about the economic wisdom of Kabbalah, which hit Belarus if take a few billion dollars Loans for the construction of nuclear power plants.
Position Alexander Lukashenko regarding the construction of NPP Alexander Kozulin commented, "He tends to get a strong political tool to influence the situation in the world."
Alexander Kozulin again urged "to solve the problem of energy supply through the role, together with Lithuania, Latvia and Poland in the construction project under the supervision of international contemporary Ignalina NPP" — says Igor Rinkevich. Tags: Kozulin, Lukashenko, construction, Ignalina NPP

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