L. Barshcheuski calling people on October Square

In his first press conference of the new chairman of the BPF Party Liavon Borshevsky participated and his deputies, not counting yesterday detained Ivashkevich. Specifically sovereign Ivashkevich made at the Party Congress with the initiative to come to October Square on 12 December, the white-red-white and European flags.

BPF deputy head Yuri Hubarevich said:
"Taking this opportunity, we would like to encourage all is independent Belarusian society, everyone worries this problem, come on tomorrow’s action and support, to express their will. "
Lavon Barshcheuski added:
"And to participate in subsequent actions, if they are really useful. You remember that union contracts are Catholic Christmas. This certain demoralization of people go. All these parallels unpleasant imposed."
About the coming visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Belarus Barshcheuski Lavon said:
"It is always dangerous. Both modes currently playing hole cards. We have no control of information. We do not know what are the arguments, not counting general — there gas and oil. This principled arguments. But not final. Which there are arguments in Russian side to click on Lukashenko? Because it’s not safe. "

First deputy chairman of the party Vintsuk Vyachorka said that Vladimir Putin’s visit gives reason to publicize the Congress declared aim of protecting independence.

"With On the other hand, not so much, or he’s going to come and vydushvats with Lukashenko concessions in the field of political independence, or energy of our independence. All the same it will be something out of it vydushvats. Anxious that such a visit takes place at a pivotal moment Russian political history. What they are referring to the Belarusian issue if, in theory, must focus on domestic issues, their own? Because Belarusian society should very very nastserazhytstsa. "
Lavon Barshcheuski said after Congress BPF. crisis in the broad ranks of the front and there was not:
"Sudden isolation Congress, held in staffing turns left its own mark. Would not it, that this raid sensation remained on, so we wish that all strastsi left the day before yesterday, the last day of strastsey. Currently very many specific work" .
According Liavon Borshevsky, good symptom that many people who have moved away from the front in 1999, when there was a section, a desire to return to active party work.

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