Larissa Heniyush not lost a chance at rehabilitation

With the request to rehabilitate the poet Attorney General Peter Miklashevich accessed Organizing Committee, the Belarusian Writers Alliance and the Belarusian Helsinki Committee. General Prosecutor’s Office of Belarus refused rehabilitation Larissa Heniyush.
As thesmiling in the appeal, "Larissa Heniyush havent long for this world. It has long been known poetess named i patriot homeland became a legend for the Belarusians. A release at least a good memory of it from injecting wires Gulag unreal. To power it as before the enemy. I is not subject to rehabilitation. "
General Prosecutor proves its decision by saying that in 1999, the Bureau Supreme Court recognized rehabilitation Larissa Heniyush impracticable and not the Attorney General is entitled to appeal against decisions of the Presidium Supreme Court.
The proclamation states that "in throughout 2007, declared civilian society Year Memory of victims of political repression with which the proposal would not address the Organizing Committee in many municipal agencies, came in response to all of the same bureaucratic unsubscribe: impossible, impossible. Municipal institutions vcix levels simultaneously transformed into a paltry i incapacitated. Nothing impossible to do at the municipal level in this country to perpetuate the memory of the innocent victims of the Stalinist terror. I Heniyush Larisa — is no exception. "
February 7, 1949 Larissa Heniyush was sentenced to 25 years. Under the Criminal Code of the BSSR 66 i 76, adopted in 1926. The wording of these articles: "counterrevolutionary organizational activity" i "international assistance in the implementation of the bourgeoisie aggressive activity."
"It is not lost Larissa Heniyush chance at rehabilitation. It does not have fond memories in this need. Belarusian people it always remains a patriot and an outstanding personality of the Fatherland ", — said in a public proclamation of the organizing committee. It was signed by Vladimir Khalip Anatoly Pure, Vladimir Romanovsky, Siuchyk Zinaida Tarasevich, Igor Kuznetsov, Lena Kobetc-Filimonov, Larissa Androsik and others.

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