Lawlessness was classy actors

"Farmer’s Field" in 1927 as a result of experiencing a natural disaster, "cold wave bearing down on Europe from Siberia Russia … In the UK, come cool winters. Frosts achieve up to 20 degrees even in London. U-France also reign frost of 20 degrees . There are even deaths from zamyarzannya. Yugoslavia In severe frosts on zamerzli guards fighters pilnavavshyya border. transfixed Found 17 people. Even River, which attracts bourgeois area, where trees are green forever, and that temperatures reach up to 3 degrees. "
"Vitebsk proletarians" in 1937 arranged such announcement: "Vitebsk Tram Management informs that in order to determine the best tram routes in the evening and night in all towns of the USSR introduced homogeneous routing colored lights on the front of the car. Trams of Vitebsk have subsequent color lights on the routes: № 1 — Liberty Square-factory Kaganovich: reddish; № 2 — Lenin Square Train Station: green; № 3 — Station factory Kaganovich: Blue, № 4 — Will-area prospect Vintchevski: yellow; number 5 — Liberty Square-new clinic: olive, № 6 — reddish-brick factory area: purple. "
"Lim", year 1957. G.Baryshav recalls: "In Belarus at the end of the beginning of the XVII-XIX centuries in almost all the large estates of the landlords began to appear serf theaters. Gentry For fun in these estates serf theater architects built buildings, scenery painters wrote and serf actors running any a visiting foreigner doing pantomimes and ballets … Lawlessness actors was extreme. They were sold like cattle and serfs musicians — even entire orchestras. "
Prepared by Dmitry Podberezskaya

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