Leave benefits at least for the holiday season

For several weeks in the public transport sounds announcement of the abolition of privileges.
"MoT" informs that as of December 17 will not operate concessionary travel passes. Last day their deeds — December 16. "
With Reporter subsequent Mon benefits will not be. How do you feel about that? "
Students’ Voices: "Poor", "very bad."

It is a pity, of course, that much money to pay. But where to go? At Metro "hare" will not work

Correspondent "At this affect students’ pockets?"
Young Man: "Of course, impact."
Reporter: "And where are you from originally?"
Young man: "From the Brest region, from the village."
Reporter: "And for the potatoes and bacon to the parents how to drive you?"
Young Man: "Also very hard will be twice as expensive. "
Man: "I’m from Moscow, because benefits are not motivate me."
Woman: "It means so necessary. Absolutely will pay the fare."
Student: "It’s a pity, of course, that much money to pay. But where to go? Close to the metro" hare "will not work."
Young Man: "I do not like. If someone lives on a scholarship, because it will be very hard."
Student: "That more than that to This time it is unclear whether the general promised to increase scholarships. "

If someone lives on a scholarship because will be very hard

Young Man: "We’ll have something to save."
Student: "The penalty is currently 6 thousand. I think, most of the students will be "hares" ride. "
Reporter: "And in the subway or bus one hundredth?"
Student: "There will have to pay."
Reporter: "How do you feel about the fact that the benefits be abolished?"
Young Man: "negative attitude. We students. Where do we work?"
Reporter: "A scholarship at the moment what?"
Young Man: "Oh, I do not know, I paysite".
Woman: "106 thousand."
Young Man: "In both the problem that not all scholarship is. Lot of" paying students "learn by nonresidents. Where they take money to complete the tickets?"
Student: "I myself have not managed to travel to buy, I go by tickets only now praezdiv 1800 rubles — and it’s still on benefits. And what will be without benefits?"
Young Man: "It is very big blow to the pocket. In my case — on pockets of my parents, but all the same . "
Student: "You can make positive steps, just do not pay money. Suitable for jig for you, and you say, that means no. Well it do for you?"

How will I get from greenish to Meadows Philology foot?

Man: "How Alexander G. said:" All the students are young, healthy, let stroll on foot. "How will I get from greenish Meadows Philology to walk?"
Reporter: "And to the parents how to drive you?"
Student: "They have their own system. I, for example, in Saligorsk live, there are private offices, specializing in the transport of persons. There Such Cancel competitiveness, and they are fighting for customers for 10 thousand without problems can be reached. And that’s fine. Nobody will be on for 17 thousand municipal ride. "
Young Man: "It will not be happy ancestors so often build their own kids."
Older people are outraged not only the abolition of exemptions for public transport, as the fact that in the holiday season it will be very expensive to get to own dachas:
"Full fare I have to give — 6 thousand. Together with his wife — 12 thousand. How much can I naezdits roundtrip? I ride not to rest, but in order to provide themselves somehow."
They come out with a proposal to throw benefits at least for the summer:
"Let him on the holiday season — from May 1 to mid-September. And it would be fair."

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