Life former political prisoners from success to dilemmas

Sergei Parsyukevich resumed publication of the newspaper business. Andrei Kim went to college. Catherine Sadovskaya protects famous Belarusian court musician.

Sergei ParsyukevichSpecifically, with the revival of the former began the first steps to freedom Vitebsk businessman Sergei Parsyukevich, today when August came from Minsk bullpen. Sergei released pending trial for newspaper employees own market. Last, the thirteenth, the room was really unfortunate: after his publisher went to jail. And not so long ago he signed in the next light, the 14th room, which considers the best in the sense that all the newspaper showed Sergei Parsyukevich Bullpen podlomlen not with their own path and not appealed is not going to collapse.
"This is the newspaper business, but it covers all the main activities in the country. Where that exciting happened, who and where" rolled-in. "This room has an appeal to business travelers, but still — my article" The eyes because thorns. "I remember , for which he sat, where he was serving a punishment that has been in the slammer. newspaper distributed in the market, and does not remain available. People ask where to take. "
Newspaper circulation Sergei Parsyukevich small — 299 copies. This avoids the costs and reduces the registration. Previous numbers of activist issues almost at his own expense, but now from the business he have no income because the license taken away. Lives only on the police pension. Although do not know how to further finance the newspaper, but renounces it is going.

Andrew KimIn August, one day with Sergei Parsyukevich premature release waited th Andrew Kim, serving his sentence in Bobruisk colony. In Minsk journalists expect Andrew at the entrance of his home and taken aback litsezrev guy completely without things. "30 kg of books left at the bus station in the chamber conservation"- Said then Andrew. Explained, there are many tutorials — in the colony was preparing to enter the European Institute for the Humanities. My call Andrei Kim caught him just after a pleasant news:
"I have very same news canceled! Eventually enrolled at YSU, and at the moment I’m a student! Yesterday told about this, and now here I go … such fun Enrolled at first course, specialty" Media and Communication " .
Andrei Kim is trained in absentia, from Minsk, he does not leave. Is not going to retreat from public activity. As an activist over his worries at the moment disorder in Yuen front: the conflict between former political prisoners Dashkevich and Artur Finkevich Andrei Kim takes as a very painful event.

Alexander KozulinAnd the most eminent of 3 released to freedom of political prisoners in August — the last presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin — All this time and did not disappear from the tapes informational messages. My call found Alexander Kozulin after returning from Brussels, where the politician stated its position on the issue of easing sanctions against Belarus. On their own immediate plans Alexander Kozulin said
"October 21 we are invited to a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Radek Sikorski. Later, I planned a trip to Vilnius, and even then we can rest. "
Alexander Kozulin not hide that the problem for him is health — before the holiday will certainly need to pass medical examination.

Paul SeviarynetsIn previous wave released detainees opposition was Paul Seviarynets, who was serving a "chemistry" in the village of Little Sitna Polotsk district. Paul on Freedom Seviarynets a year. What made during this period of time? As a writer Seviarynets lists: books were published in "Letters from the Forest" and "Brother", currently writing a novel about modern life. A politician Paul Seviarynets first concerned the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy". Authorities stubbornly prevent its establishment, meanwhile, Seviarynets believes in peramozhnasts thoughts Christian Democracy:
"Revival of Belarus — this revival, revival of Christianity. Many who believed in it since realized that without faith nothing will. Many believe in their causes, because in your own personal life, they behold the God. I personally have repented, as not found the meaning of life in this world, I realized that he was in something else, and thank God — at this moment he saw the light. "

Catherine SadovskayaA few months before Paul was set free Sevyarinets defender Catherine Sadovskaya, which departed in Gomel female colony exactly a year. In January Ekaterina Sadovskaya lost spouse Victor, who died from the heavy disease. While Catherine was in jail, he was chained to the bed disease, supported her letters and told reporters about his own sweetheart fight lawlessness in the colony. It is because of him the whole Belarus learned about the existence of colonies in the yards of steel cells where prisoners held all weathers.
So now Sadovskaya continues to protect people struggling with lawlessness officials. One of those who helps Catherine Sadovskaya — recognizable musician, saxophonist last Alexander Dick, who has worked with pop stars — Yuri Antonov, Alexander Tikhanovich, Jadwiga Poplavskaya. Since the mid-1990s, Alexander Dick disabled: charity concert after his broken heart attack. Relatives musician trying to sue his apartment, and Catherine Sadovskaya helps a person in the courts to defend their rights.
"He’s now in the same criteria as my family when I was in the slammer. His wife has always supported my relatives. And now I am, so to speak, their debts. Such mutual human … And there are others I have people. "

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