Lithuania: Voice of Russia forbade VHF

"Voice of Russia" sounded instead of "Euro Radio"
The commission they say that the station violated the terms of the license. "Baltic Waves" called the commission’s decision to censor.
Director of the administrative committee for Lithuanian Radio and Television Neryyus Malyukavichus told our radio that "Baltic Waves" licenses going retranslyavats transmission "Euro Radio for Belarus," and instead began relaying this "Voice of Russia". For this station and received a warning.
Sovereign Malyukavichus stressed that "Baltic Waves" have permission to rebroadcast "Voice of Russia" on medium wave and smoothly it mattersdissolved. So the problem, according to a bureaucrat relates only to the VHF spectrum, which relay station for the Russian "Baltic waves" are not available.
China Radio transfer can, "Voice of Russia" — not
Director of "Baltic waves" Rimantas Pleykis interprets the situation a little differently:
"It’s a moot point, since we, as media houses, elect themselves which transmit programs from, and what — no.
Was thought to transmit transmission "Euro Radio for Belarus." But for technical reasons, this translation has not been possible to organize, and we decided to include transmitters through ultrakarotkahvalevyya program from "Voice of Russia". The Commission considered this a violation of the license, for which he endured our radio warning.
But the problem started after that. After receiving a warning, we appealed to the commission for permission to rebroadcast the programs of "Voice of Russia" and received this waiver.
We have three years there is a contract with the "Voice of Russia", and we are 8 hours a day pass them on medium wave transmission. The problem came with the ultra-short waves.

Under discussion were the words that this Russian propaganda that can be made a bad impact on the Lithuanian audience. We believe that with regard to our company was an act of political censorship.

Many companies in Lithuania transmit Russian applets. That forbade us — it’s discrimination. And second — you can transfer programs from Belarus "Radio Liberty" and "Euro Radio for Belarus," Polish Radio, China Radio we pass, and "Voice of Russia" for some reason you can not. "
Rimantas Pleykis sees political motivation in the decision of the Broadcasting Commission, he says, about the events that preceded the vote.
Pleykis"December 5 was the discussion of this issue, and while his words sounded that this Russian propaganda that can be made a bad impact on the Lithuanian audience. We believe that with regard to our company was prepared act of political censorship ether. "
The Committee supported a free press "Baltic Waves"
In defense of the position of the radio station made an international organization, the Committee of the free press. In an open letter, signed by the Executive Director Markham Begcham Committee, said that in Lithuania, which suffered greatly from authoritarian control methods, there is no indisputable awareness approach Voltaire: "I disagree with you, but the wagon before his death to defend your right to read so."
"If we wait for the free exchange of conceptions in the post-totalitarian world, we must agree with the freedom of others read what may be unpleasant to listen to," — said in a letter to the Committee of the free press.

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