Loans for Belarusians to rise

Of the 30 banks operating in Belarus, only about 10 ka lend population for the acquisition or construction of dwellings. Greater in the country "Belarusbank" construction loan provides home for 15 years at 15% in foreign currency, and under 17% in Belarusian rubles.
In "Belrosbank" said that while loans also give:
"Loans are granted for 20 years. Crediting we currently only with income statement under 15.5% per annum. Basically the loan agreement says that the rate may change, but so far in the history of the bank we did not have such cases . "
But the bank "VTB" (Belarus) credits no longer produces:
"Now the bank stopped lending. According to the decision of management. While nothing I can tell maturity for you. "
"Priorbank" loans as before outputs — for 5, 10, 15 years — but the interest rate is raised:
"In dollars and euro loans at 15%, in Belarusian rubles — at 18% per annum. This is based on the fact that they have already increased: in dollars by 4 percentage points, in Belarusian rubles — by 2 percentage points."
What will happen to the loans for the construction of dwellings? Ex-Chairman of the State Bank of Belarus Doctor Stanislav Bogdanovich expressed such a world:
"With regard to loans, they may be more expensive, as banks use a significant portion of external loans, resources that get on the world market, because loans can be more expensive. This may be deterrent. Other reasons I do not see. "
Economist Yaroslav Romanchuk also believes that the loans on external markets Belarusian banks will become significantly more expensive:
"In general, the refinancing rate of the State Bank, which is now less than 11%, should be at least one percentage point above inflation — is percent eighteenth And, of course, with such credits Belarusians are not able to be as Americans, to service these loans and will be removed from the apartments, from the construction of repair. Own savings Belarusians many do not, because we, like Western Europe, the United States, Russia expects a recession in this market. "Tags: cash, crisis, loans, housing

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