Lukashenko promised light industry scourge

The reason for such expressions become the current working visit to Zhodino, which deals with the development of light industry.
Alexander Lukashenko believes that the government can not overcome the crisis in this area:
"The branch is located in the deepest pit, nothing you can do at the highest level, except for some samples."
Head of State also said that private entrepreneurs in Belarus every imported stuff, but people acquire it: "Do you own work will not be able to convince people that it is — junk, and your products better."
Not satisfied with the number of shoes and Lukashenka: "According to the rules, we need three pairs a year, and you do — is less than one."
Chapter "Bellegprom" Edward asked Naryshkin head of state support. "Support will. Beach is nice and ran forward." In response E.Naryshkin said: "Let us flee."

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