In 1840, in the life of Belarus took two iconic action. On a little later say. But second, then completely seen, event, looking out a day or present, has been very significant. Minsk bureaucrat Kaleski receptionist Vincent Dunin-Marcinkiewicz had acquired for himself Lyutsinka estate. To end his career nebliskuchuyu clerical and surrender to the beautiful literature. Even imagining what this activity can respond through century.
"The house is situated on a hillock — forest vocals, alder,
Garden behind the house, and the garden — pears, cherries.
From the porch stupas and see — the forest in the distance, eating …
Splits wood in half blue ribbon Lucyna …
A small river, but there are lots of fish,
And when the river — a source of water awesome.
Left, as if the carpet meadow motley thrives
A meadow is green birch somewhere … "

Duninskih far from almost everything has changed in this scenery. Forest retreated far below the horizon. From the former garden was gone. Blue Lucyna has not shared the forest, and the collective farm fields. And of forest river she was reincarnated into a large pond. But hill, where there was a manor house, and now retains greatness. Although it has long been on the estate not. It was demolished on the orders of the collective farm bosses. And next to a house with foundations Regina Martinkevich. Familyatki former owner of the mound.

Reporter: "Do you live in the place, where he was his house? "
Regina: "Yeah."
Reporter: "And as for you live here?"
Regina: "Well, we live."
Reporter: "Often there for you to come visit here?"
Regina: "drive. Plavsky Come and grandchildren of his great-grandchildren. Came to visit often from Poland. But has long been. Often come summer. Kids, senior. Though who will call, looking monument."
Reporter: "Are not you tired, people always stroll? "
Regina: "And what, they bother me? She stroll themselves. And for myself, I go here."
Jadwiga Kuzhovnik Ivanovna, 80-year old woman who still remembers the duninski farm. Still here when there was no village. The village appeared for advice when farmers with farms unwillingly resettled in newly created farm. Before the war the land Jadwiga Ivanovna bordered the Panskih. And she walked Ms. Jadwiga granddaughters to learn to read and write writer.

Reporter: "And you also have to keep in mind this house, Dunin-Marcinkiewicz."
Jadwiga, "Well why do not I remember this house? All women remember. Were it Asipovichyshki. Brother was Kazik. Osipovich too. Wanda is the smallest."
Refers to the daughters Camilla Marcinkiewicz, married Asipovichyhi.
Jadwiga: "So that’s what their life was like. Lived they seem punks. Farmstead had. Their land with our converged. Very anyone in they were not, laborers were not. If the shepherd may have been. Were three of them. Valery, Manya, Vandachka. taught me. "
Reporter: "Was in the family cult writer Dunin-Marcinkiewicz?"
Jadwiga: "Then there was. Currently Dunin-Marcinkiewicz remember. And they did not give to live in this house. Kicked. Kicked these ladies of the house. Go to Poland, Poland. They, these poor old woman and son — all gathered and went to Poland. "
Reporter: "What happened to this famous lime tree?"
Jadwiga: "She was very thick, so tremendous. But inside was hollow. And bred bees. So what did? Roy was there. Honey was. A chairman was greedy. Took in this hole with petrol threw a wad. poured, set fire. Bees jumped. He thought that he will gather honey. How broke. And all burned to ashes. Wore water poured over, but … "
See what’s left of an old linden tree under which adored work Dunin-Marcinkiewicz, razlyubeznaya agreed youngest daughter Jadwiga Ivanovna also Jadwiga. This middle-aged lady in a hat. Belarusian language teaching in adjacent Pershai.
Jadwiga: "Here’s become. Shadow of linden already filed so far. Imagine what was linden? And if we, the small, became — ushastsyaryh not embrace. Shard from linden remained. Babes had a lot of in the village. It’s at this point — one or two and amen. In this house there were five, then six, then five. Mountain buzzing. In general it was such a playground. If there was a marriage, that’s noted. As first time duninskae prazdnichek noted, there made a serious floor. It is very fine, until decayed, was to celebrate the marriage. "

Reporter: "And it was once prazdnichek duninskae or times?"
Jadwiga "first time — it’s 86th year. Maldis heavily worked. First time doing grand. Up lime burned you! And then quieter and quieter."
Reporter: "What must in Lyutsintsy? Yearly prazdnichek? Museum? "
Jadwiga: "Bullshit you some reads. Thank God that it remembered. Though sounded somewhere that he’s the star of the Belarusian literature. You asking me, and I will say to you the one and only. Belarus exam in literature there is no . Awake. you where they came from and how many remained in Minsk Belarusian-language classes, eh? How many high schools in Minsk? I "gavnazii" call it. What are you asking me, when language lesson in 11 class once a week? physical education classes — three. U We declared the Year of Health. Here azdaravlyaytsesya. Healthy morons — is also excellent. "
Second daughter Jadwiga Ivanovna, Anna — also a white teacherRussian language. And it is no coincidence. The family had long known the cost to the mother tongue.
Anna: "Respect works Dunin-Marcinkiewicz. Lyutsinka — it is his birthplace. So he liked farm that he called his own homeland." Most of all I am a devotee home edge. "It said it’s not about Ponyushkovichi."
Reporter: "But why?"
Anna: "For he was very good here. Like us, because it would be so exile, then surely would have gone. Certainly not from the good life he lived in the wilderness and lived. And it was not sweet. Lyutsinka was not known before he settled Dunin. Panyushkavichav nowhere. Why, when he died, did not deliver in Ponyushkovichi? In a strange bit of land buried. Indicates no stranger to it for him. "
Surprisingly I was Lyutsintsy hear that the villagers to nedavneshnego time were not even aware of who had that farm.
Anna: "Dunin only at the moment began. And who knew where childhood took place on the mountain? Who knew there Dunin lived? We even walked to school and did not know that there Dunin lived."
Reporter: "And you have no one to read with older that lived here …"
Anna: "No. Let’s go to college, then dug Dunin. Turns out that we live on a good ground on the famous. Starters people come. My teacher was Gilevich Nile."
Memory of Dunin-Marcinkiewicz beginning vorachivatsya in Lyutsinka exclusively in 1986. Then there was a monument to the foundation of the estate. Then was held prazdnichek poetry. At the same time building an excellent plans.
Anna: "All three houses that in bas-relief, were going to take out, to give the apartment, and then build a house. A lake in the park for the hotel planned across the bottom and a bar.’s All. Steels expect. And in the 87th year again sounded that will prazdnichek. And we as teachers were read as children that Dunin was born in the seventh year. Already in the eighth. was January 23, February 4 now.’s how we remember Dunin. Cattle, pigs walking in childhood. goest clean, will lay flowers. Department of Culture asks: "Anna Zygmundavna tell me how is it?" And who is on the way — the question arises immediately. Means someone goes. What deliver flowers? Excellent. His vase with loft contractible flowers put ".
Reporter: "And when you were small, the Belarusian
language teachers had no idea Dunin-Marcinkiewicz?"
Anna: "Dunin-Marcinkiewicz was not in the program. Aaplet you glance. So, casual. Which teacher would know?"
By today, the anniversary of Anna skeptical.
"Two hundred years. Play, play, and everything calms down. Today is necessary to prepare for the contest works Dunin. Know that was a book. Library I — no. I to another — no." Vagrants "," Pinsk Gentry, "" Evening star. "" Slavs in the 19th century "or" Swedes Lithuania "- nowhere. So that read? 200 year goes! Why do not you let me go, that they were on sale, these books? Teacher book itself does not have. "
In conversation with irritation comes Jadwiga younger. Apparently, she was tired of abstract discussion.
Jadwiga: "You know how women spend gas, eh? Know how many are muff? Ducts are? What are we talking? Dunin Who the hell? After how many years we will not. How we measured a God? These idiots like us, will be no more. "Obuchi native language son and a grandson." All finished. "
Realize the emotions of these ladies, rural teachers of the Belarusian language, a subject that every funny day more transformed into an elective — can understand their emotions. But back in 1840 th. In that year, when there were no schools, when there was not even the Belarusian literature in its modern awareness, high decree was banned for the official title Appliances edge. Now compare these two actions. The decree of the ruler — and the departure of the town in an obscure village kaleskaga registrar Dunin-Marcinkiewicz. Which one of them eventually defeated …

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