M.Koktysh: State will control the other person

"I think in next year authorities relented, and " Narodnaya Volya "Will finally be distributed through kiosks" Sayuzdruk. " Also, I think, that power change, Belarus will manage the new man, and his name will not Lukashenko.
Hopefully, in 2008 people will be less disturbing their low wages, what to put on a festive table because wages and pensions will no longer raise. Naturally, most of what I said, is not realized. After all, if they believe the forecasts of professionals, next year will be one of the most languid Belarus and its people. But the New Year is always hunt to believe in fairy tales, even the most non-descript. And I dream that something is realized with my prediction, if this will covet any of us. "Tags: Koktyish

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