M.Vinyarski should see out a few hours

Anton was arrested in Central District Court, when he came to the Tribunal to support its members. Maxim detained in the evening at the rink at the Sports Palace, where the young activists were going to hold a rally of solidarity with political prisoners and. Policemen accused of hooliganism in the little guys, allegedly in police neprelichno those expressed. In the bullpen Akrestsin Street remains a 2-a-half 10-ka opposition.
Activist "Jeans for Freedom" Maksim Vinyarski according to a court order, had release and 8th evening. Detention center staff came for him at 10am. They were ordered to pack up and get to the exit. In the corridor, Maxim explained to why previously released — he killed his father.
Staff told Vinyarskaya bullpen that he should come and "see out" those 10 hours, which is not served until the end of his sentence.
Maxim says associate Vinyarski Paul Yukhnevich:
"He killed my father. Since it took a receipt that he will come later on Akrestin, so to see out how much there is left to him … Eight hours or how many. They did not specify what day how many hours he should come and see out time. "
Maxim Vinyarski trained sixth year Institute of Technology. BPF Anton Kalinowski as a student. He enrolled in the first year of a language institute.
Anton first came to jail bullpen Akrestsin Street. He shared his impressions:
"We were in the chamber 12. Among them Anatoly was Shumchanka Pavel Kuryanovich Franak Vyachorka, I, as several businessmen, including Vladimir Shiloh. Excluding water and warm clothes did not pass. Did not take the food, barely passed the book. Because there had to prison food. I have never eaten soup. In Akrestsin I for the first time a couple of years ate soup. On the third day so wanted to have something to eat. "

Anton Kalinowski said he was not horrified arrest. He joined the action on prisoners bullpen Akrestsin, which aims to create such content criterion administrative detainees, which are guaranteed by the Belarusian legislation.
UCP favorite Anatoly Lebedko spoke to manage the detention. He told the "Freedom", was released when the Jan. 25 that former prisoners will be treated in the prosecutor’s office and the Ministry of Interior, so they made the necessary measures and brought the conditions of detention in accordance with the legal regulations.
Yesterday released are 22 people. In the bullpen is more than 2-a-half 10 Male prisoners arrested preventively and for his role in action on January 21. Student Tatiana Tsishkevich serving 20 days in jail for his role in the promotion business on January 10. Tags: political prisoners Akrestsin youth arrests, January 16

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