Many journalists are afraid to write the truth …

January 24 in Minsk launched a campaign "European Belarus" that has to facilitate entry into the European Union of Belarus. Initiators of the campaign announced their intention to hold street protests to collect signatures of the population, and distribute campaign literature.
Man: "Pochetaemaya edition of" Freedom ", a very hunt ask those who constantly reads about the" European way. "In the 18th century did not kill Europe majestically Duchy of Lithuania, the Russian Federation sold it? Does not Europe as France came to our lands and used deception Belarusians to the field of Borodino thrashed each other in the interests of Europe? Does not Europe in the early 20 th century in Riga shared our living on the edge? Does not Europe led to the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact and on the Belarus has already been merged by the living, and Millions of people were persecuted? Does not Europe did so that borders are inviolable, and no we do not see the Vilenschina nor Smolensk? And, of course, if Europe is now fussing about Kosovo’s independence is one thing. But the independence of Belarus she do not care " .
Reasoning listener commented one of the initiators of the campaign "European Belarus", a favorite of the organizing committee of the Social Democratic Party "Narodnaya Gromada" Statkevich.
Statkevich "Pochetaemy confuses the listener bean peas. What aware under Europe? Those century, Europe was divided into many countries that waged war among themselves. Now we can use the word" united Europe. "It came after the second World War I. She acquired a form of Euro Union. This Europe no relation to what has been said, has not. Learn the history. "

The next step — a response to one of our programs.
Misha medicines Riga: "I listened to now transfer to what sovereign deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front Ivashkevich read that Belarus receives loans from the West. So, gets personal banks. For me, this is not news. He also stated that the need to take measures so that the loan is not allowed. This did not just disappointed, and outraged. These funds are used for the maintenance of children’s homes, hospitals, retirement, roads, etc.. So, sire Ivashkevich politician believes that for the sake of personal interests can crush the Belarusian people and Belarus ? I am outraged by this statement and even more so by such actions! "
Listener responds Viktor Ivashkevich:
Ivashkevich: "Pochetaemy listener confuses Lukashenko, Belarus and the Belarusian people. Why, commercial loans are not for the Belarusian people and to maintain personal power Lukashenko. I distinguish interests Lukashenko and the Belarusian people."
As before, the focus of the audience — business tasks. January 21, police dispersed another protest small businessmen. The detainees were sentenced to fines and arrests for various periods.
Man: "In Yakutia and Chukotka shamans pounding drums. Initially drive away evil spirits, and later, when they enter into ecstasy called good spirits and require help from them. Something happened here in Belarus January 21 at the Independence Square. By Interior Minister Naumov team riot police started hitting sticks on the boards, to scare evil spirits in the face of business. Seeing that entrepreneurs are not afraid of thunder, they began mass arrests. Gen. Naumov personal example demonstrated his subordinates how to do it signed an order on "cultural" treatment "Employees with citizens. Rally dispersed. Businessmen — in jail. Our ministers responsible for the economy of Belarus, seek out investors to those invested in the development of companies. Goes some controversy: some ministers seek out and another minister-enforcer, banging sticks on the boards throughout Europe, accelerates these investments. "
We continue to receive feedback on the sentence deputy head editor of "Zgoda" Alexander Zdzvizhkou. He was punished by 3 years in prison for what he reprinted the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.
Anatoly Borisov: "I wish to comment on the trial Alexander Zdzvizhkou. Our country is secular, religion can also promote and maintain anti-religious propaganda. "

Man: "God, what is it done? Zdzvizhkou jailed businessman beating! God save my country from the regime! And what with the number of 200 thousand rally goes on the smallest of them? And I wish to add that many journalists are afraid to write the truth , padstrahovvayutstsa — and it turns out that the truth is not enough to convey to people. "
Now we also received follow-up calls:
Ivan Karpovich, Minsk: "I wish to speak about the construction of nuclear power plants. Naturally, it will be environmentally untainted energy. But under no circumstances should you take RF technology for the construction of the object. This in-1’s. Secondly 2. Necessary technology in France or Germany. Their technology developed, and no accidents ever had. third. Our people and our management to engage in its construction site under any circumstances can not. Since we have a corrupt government, thieves, fraudulent. All stretch. And do not forget that this not flat or house, which can be scattered, and the nuclear power station. There should steer technology always! "

Spades: "I wish to appeal to our president. Alexander G. as for you not shameful not to give answers to the letters that you write for kids? Been more than 12 days, a letter was sent to you. Child no reply received. Why? Are you afraid for its own officials that for you kids write the truth? Exactly what is it? Why no justice? "


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